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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Guidance to Distinguish Twins Color

How to Pick "Twins Color"?

When you design custom medals online, you must be puzzled with similar color and don't know how to distinguish them. These similar colors are called as " Twins Color". If you read the blog and you will know how to differentiate them.

A) Shiny Black Nickel and Dye Black

Black nickel is a kind of electroplating process. The surface of the product is covered with a thin layer of black metal. Although the metal is black, the reflection of the metal surface makes the product look brighter rather than a pure black color. Shiny black nickel is a dark grey color and can reflect lights slightly. Black nickel is an alloy of nickel, zinc and nickel sulfide. It’s also lighter, cheaper and more shiny than silver. Dye Nickel is bright and doesn’t tarnish. Its color is close to aterrimus. It is water-proof. Black is sprayed with a layer of black pigment that does not reflect light and does not have a metallic sheen, so the color is pure black.

Effect: The products that use shiny black nickel will have texture and more delicate. Black nickel are used in some soft enamel medals. The use of black nickel and dye black depends on personal preference, if you want your products to be black, then you definitely choose dye black. But you should notice that hard enamel crafts can only do black nickel not dye black.

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B) Shiny Gold and Shiny Brass

Gold is a very lightful color. It seems to appear yellow. However, brass seems to be rusty with a little green, looking like bronze. It is mixed with many colors like yellow, white, black, blue and dye yellow. These two similar colors can be distinguish from side if you watch carefully.

Effect: Shiny gold will give your products more showy and attractive side. And it will be used in the large area. While shiny brass seems to a kind of low-pitched beauty. The round of custom medals are used more frequently. Both can present the effect of gold medals. Gold plated is of higher quality. and the color paste is more like gold . Brass finish is not the color of gold. Choosing brass is due to its cheap price. If it is used as a large number of cheap souvenirs, we recommend the use of brass plating. If it's an important match or a souvenir request is high, we recommend gold finish.

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C) Antique Gold and Antique Brass

These two color are very similar especially in the antique medals. But if you see carefully, it is easy to distinguish. Antique gold is close to yellow while antique brass is approach to green. You can watch them from the side face.

Effect: antique gold is used more frequently than antique brass in the antique medals. Both antique finish effects are nice. There are other antique finish. You can choose the antique color to design your products. Mainly It's up to you!

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D) Rose Pink and Shiny Copper

Rose pink is a kind of pink color. But the color is very soft. In a CMYK color space, it is made up of 60% magenta, 20% yellow, 0% cyan, and 0% black. Nevertheless, shiny copper is very deep color. It seems to be jacinth. Copper is a burning brown color that presents the metal copper.

Effect: If you want to convey the burning feel to show burning passion, copper is more suitable; If you just want to use a soft color to decorate your custom medals, rose pink is ok.

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How to Distinguish Twins Colors?

1) Observing the edge of products carefully.

2) Putting products in the sun, you can get the direct feeling about color.

3) Using your everyday items to compare the color because some color can be seen easily.

4) Comparing with some products and browsing the production details. In the description, it usually describes its finishes.

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GS-JJ makes plenty of custom medals with much colors. Some colors are slightly different. They can correctly understand what your products need. If you still have any questions, please email at Info@gs-jj.com, our customer service will give you explain the twins colors if you still don't understand and choose the color.