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Show Fashion with Custom Lapel Pins

Show fashion with custom lapel pins

Usually, custom lapel pins are use to decorate and have no distinct purpose, but it can indicate the affiliation of person in some instances, such as an organization, event or group. A lapel pin is a small pin worn on clothes, hats or bag and more, come with different shapes and sizes and can be fastened to any place in many of ways.

Here we’d like to show fashion by custom lapel pins for any person on any occasion. Through these customizations, you can make a fashion statement that defines who you are.

Suit lapel pins- Man’s fashion

Lapel pins, sometimes referred to as suit pins, designed to distract the attention of people as well as to add a subtle air of ‘dapper’ for a well-fitting and stylish suit. Adding lapel pins to show your outfits match with your personal style is an easy and cost-effective way.

Decorate hat by lapel pins

There are hat pin enthusiasts whose love for enamel lapel pins goes straight to their heads. You can see hat pin enthusiasts in a crowded traffic from far away, their hats with enamel lapel pins same as halos of godliness. They like to stand up and dawn their enamel lapel pins as a crown, to appear they are truly pin royalty. Being a hat pin enthusiasts, customized pins is most important thing.

Source: Etsy-Jans Vintage Stuff

Denim jacket or bag

Wearing lapel pins on awesome denim jacket, to display your lapel pin incorporating them into your personal fashion. In additional, try fasten lapel pins to all over your backpack, book bag, or work bag also is a way to show fashion. Putting lapel pins onto a bag that you use every day to add a little bit of fun to your daily routine.


Lapel Pins on Lanyard

Lanyard has evolved into cord or a ribbon which is worn around the neck to carry everything from lapel pins to cell phones. It has been used as often as a means to carry a lapel pins. So add a lapel pins on your lanyard to make a simply fashion.


Childhood - Kid’s lapel pins

Nothing can compares with those sweet feelings of nostalgia. Just thinking about your childhood favorite cartoon, movie, or game tugs your heart to a simpler time. Fortunately, nowadays you can not only think about the pop culture of your past, but also can bring it to today’s life with custom lapel pins! Or customized lapel pins for your kids, make lapel pins to member their childhood.

Ordering lapel pins from GS-JJ

The great thing of lapel pins is that they can reflect your own personalized.

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