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Cross Religious Medals
Cross Religious Medals
1.8" Cross Religious Medals with Gold Finish
Statue of Liberty 3D Die Cast Custom Medals
Statue of Liberty 3D Die Cast Custom Medals
2.5" Custom medals with 3D die cast the Statue of Liberty with antique silver finish.
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Religious Medals
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Religious Medals

What Are Religious Medals?

Religious Medals are also known as devotional medals and religious medals are issued for religious devotion. The religious or devotional medals are a kind of metal that believers carry or wear to remember the lives of the saints or as a eternal reminder of the love of God.

How to Classify Religious Medals?

l Medals in Memory of Miracles of the Eucharist

There were lots of these struck for centenaries, jubilees, etc., and these miracles were believed to have happened in the different places, often decorated with very strange but special devices.

l Plague Medals

It was blessed as a protection against pestilence for good harvest, these medals are different.

l Medals Memory of Extraordinary Legends

The famous Cross of Saint Ulrich of Augsburg in the class may be served as a sample.

l Individual Medals

A very large class forms private medals, but particular samples are often extremely infrequent, because they were in memory of events in the name of individual’s life, and were only assigned to friends. For instance, first communions, marriages , Baptisms, and deaths.

What is the Use of Religious Medals?

In short, wearing religious medals is a special, devout experience, keeping us meaningful of the love and protection of the image that religious medal endows. What’s more, the consciousness of that image should stimulate us to undertake our religious duties and put our faith into practice. Just as a blessed wedding ring is a faithful love, so do these medals provide a constant physical reminder of the love and fidelity we share with the communion of saints and Almighty God.

The Story of Religious Medals

In the early church, at one time, religious medals were doubted in the early ages of Christianity if anything in the nature of a devotional medal was known. In the medieval medals, the traditions were formed by the class of objects considered all the time, and little evidence were existed in the use of medals in the Middle Ages. In the renaissance, generally speaking, although religious medals were unknown in the Middle Ages, their introduction still belongs to the early Renaissance period. Religious Medals is a form of popular devotion, and we can describe religious medals as the origin of post-Reformation. Although the process of religious medals is slow, people pay more attention to it.

Why Choose Religious Medals From GS-JJ?

GS-JJ has more than 20 years of experience in making religious medals. Meanwhile, we have the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our products were trusted by Small Business & Organizations as well as the World’s Biggest Brands. We also have free artwork & design consultation, some highly trained & skilled Pin Designers, fast turnarounds for demanding deadlines, and friendly & responsive custom service and custom medals no minimum. In addition, we have 40% discounts if we are permitted in 40 working days for any quality & shipped by Sea. We can also do custom medals, such as military medals, army medals, navy medals, catholic medals, sports medals and others.

Every Religious Medals Include:

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