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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Privacy Policy
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Terms and Conditions
Have Fun PVC Magnet
Have Fun PVC Magnet
2'' 3D Have Fun PVC Magnet
Reminder PVC Magnet
Reminder PVC Magnet
2.5'' 2D Reminder PVC Magnet
 Z-Storm PVC Magnet
Z-Storm PVC Magnet
2'' 2D Z-Storm PVC Magnet
A Bird on Tree PVC Magnet
A Bird on Tree PVC Magnet
3.5'' A Bird on Tree 3D PVC Magnet
Niagara Falls Elk PVC Magnet
Niagara Falls Elk PVC Magnet
2.5 " 2D Niagara Falls Elk PVC Magnet
Castle PVC Magnet
Castle PVC Magnet
3'' 2D Castle PVC Magnet
Sports White T-shirt PVC Magnet
Sports White T-shirt PVC Magnet
2'' 2D Sports White T-shirt PVC Magnet
FCB PVC Magnet
FCB PVC Magnet
3'' 2D FCB Symbol PVC Magnet
Québec Elk 3D PVC magnet
Québec Elk 3D PVC magnet
2.5" Québec Elk 3D PVC magnet
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Diverse PVC magnets

What are PVC Magnets?

PVC magnets are made of PVC soft rubber with a magnetite behind it. PVC magnets are also called refrigerator magnets because they most often decorate refrigerators.
In addition, it can attach in all other magnetic objects, making the objects more beautiful. At the same time, it is also a teaching aid tool. Attaching them on the blackboard,  the rich and interesting patterns can attract all the children's eyes at once, so that the child can focus on learning. PVC magnets are also an auxiliary memo tool. If you are in a hurry to go out and want to remind family members who have n’t gotten up to eat the bento that you made, just write the contents  on a note and sandwich it between PVC magnets and the refrigerator, which can easily help You achieve this.

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What are the Stypes of PVC Magnets?

The types of PVC magnets are mainly distinguishing according to the back magnet, which can subdivide into the following three types:

Embedded PVC Magnets


This kind of PVC magnets looks very similar to ordinary PVC patches. The back magnet is embedding into the soft PVC rubber interior.
The advantage of embedded PVC magnets is that it does not leave traces and can better protect the original appearance of objects.

Soft  PVC Magnets

Soft Magnet

The soft rubber magnet piece is very soft and has adhesive on one side. It generally adheres directly to the back of PVC rubber. This type of PVC magnets can be bent and folded. However, its adsorption is relatively weak and the viscosity of the viscose decreases with time.

Exposed PVC Magnets


The exposed magnet is displayed directly behind the PVC rubber and can be seen by the naked eye. It is hard and thicker than a soft magnet piece, and its adsorption is also the strongest of the three.
However, the disadvantage of it is easy to leaves scratches on objects.

What are the Uses of PVC Magnets?

PVC Magnets Used In Sports

PVC Magnets are Top Priority for Sport Fans

Ensure sport fans do not miss any game by giving out PVC schedule magnets with the plan printed on them and making use of sharp and bright colorful graphics that stand out!it's the one that’ll be looked every time throughout the sports season. You can keep your fans coming back to the games with eye-catching PVC magnets.

PVC Magnets As Gifts

PVC Magnets are Gifts for Customers

Plumbers always appreciate their clients and they can show more appreciation with imprinted PVC magnets with a useful gimmick such as a tip conversion chart or decimal equivalent chart. Those in the money lending or mortgage business can offer refrigerator magnets with repayment charts

PVC Magnets in Office

PVC Magnets can be used on Office Cabinet or Kitchen Fridge

Lively and bright PVC magnets can be found in offices and homes. Where they are seen daily promoting a business, a political candidate, a schedule, school, a restaurant or any other event that deserves to be noticed. If there is anything important, you can write it on a sticky note. PVC magnets can help you fix it and remind people passing by here.

What are the Benefits of PVC Magnets?

The benefits of using PVC magnets are endless. Using custom magnets means that it’s possible that customers will come in contact with your company's name on a daily basis or every week. With such high visibility, it's very unlikely that your business' name will not be remembered by people who saw the magnets which will increase your chances of new leads.

When doing your giveaways, you want to give customers an item that is not flashy, bulky or common. Therefore, your promotional PVC magnets will definitely be one of a kind. Though soft PVC fridge magnets are not extravagant but they have many purposes, which is enough for customers.

PVC Magnets

Matters needing Attention for Custom PVC Magnets:

The major reason for a giveaway is to draw the attention of prospective customer’s and keeps that attention for a very long time after the giveaway is over. To make the best out of your company's promotional giveaways, ensure that you provide customers with take home items that are useful and unique - Custom PVC magnets fit the mold perfectly.

When it comes to making use of PVC refrigerator magnets, ensure that you’re aware of the options that are available. PVC rubber magnets are custom. They can be customized with your company's name, website, and contact information. Nowadays, magnets are available in different designs and materials. This means you can get a magnet that truly fits your business.

How to Place Your Custom PVC Magnets Order?

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Diverse PVC Magnets

Sport PVC Magnets

Decorative PVC Magnets

Text PVC Magnets

Logo PVC Magnets

Shop for PVC Magnets at GS-JJ

When you order your custom designed magnets, you need to purchase it from a company that offers a good and solid guarantee. Shipping should be fast and accurate. Rush orders should also have an available specialty. Whether you need a few soft rubber PVC magnets or choose to buy in bulk, GS-JJ assures you of top-quality and nothing else.

When it comes to custom PVC magnets, nobody does it better than GS-JJ. Perfect for event favors, promotional items, and much more, our wide variety of PVC magnets will leave a long and lasting impression on your clients! You can shop for your Cheap PVC Magnets here today! There are custom PVC Magnets no minimum order. GS-JJ also produces high quality PVC Coaster and Soft PVC Luggage Tags, you could get a free quote online now!



GS-JJ, a comprehensive and experienced PVC magnets maker, can also make products other than PVC magnets, which include the PVC label, PVC keychain, PVC coaster and so on.

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