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Air Force Medals
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Air Force Medals

What are Air Force Medals?

Air Force Medals is a kind of military medals and created by the United States Armed Forces. In 1942, the medal was created and awarded, due to his single acts of meritorious achievement or heroism when they participated in aerial flight.It's a symbol of honor.

When can we receive Air Force Medals?

There are three conditions to get air force medals. The first is heroism. The first soldiers to receive air force medals are those who take part in any single act of heroism during the air fights or battles. The second is meritorious service. The next soldiers to get air force medals are those who participate in continued aerial service more than six months in battles. The third is eligible personal. Air force medals also commend those people serving on flying duty, such as navigators, pilots or gunners.

Do you know the History of Air Force Medals?

Air force medals were authorized on August 10, 1956, replacing the Soldier's Medal for Air Force personnel. It is presented actions involving voluntary risk of life under conditions other than combat. Compared with the other medals, air force medals are about 50 percent larger than those. Air force medals were created by air force in 1965. In 1967, the first air force medals belong to Maj. Bernard F. Fisher, because of his action in South Vietnam. However, the famous fighter pilot Capt, the first airman, received a medal. During World War II, although air force medals were to be awarded, it is a small degree. Nevertheless, many army air force units began to award air force medals on a basis of a quota after every enemy aircraft was ended. By the end of the war, air force medals were awarded over than a million. Gradually, these air force medals symbolized that their devotion and determination were appreciated by the country. Meanwhile, air force medal helped keep morale up.

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