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Cadillac Custom Cufflinks
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Volvo Cufflinks
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Ferrari Cufflinks
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Volkswagen Cufflinks
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How To Put On Cufflinks
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How to Put on Cufflinks

Cufflinks on shirt are fasteners or clips, often fabricated and designed with decorative or ornamental pieces that are worn on the cuffs of a shirt to add style and class to a person’s attire, preferably male. Cufflinks are primarily designed to hold the cuffs of your shirt together, in one piece when worn for formal events. They are usually made up of two pieces of metal, which has a decorative surface piece, and an additional piece of metal that locks securely when twisted below.

Custom cufflinks come in different shades and type, the design pattern differs, depending on the type of back closures you want. So when choosing your style of cufflinks, it is very important to think of how to put on cufflinks and to choose the type of closure that’s easier for you to put on.

How To Wear Different Types of Cufflinks

Truth be told, how to put on Cufflinks can be quite a nervy experience for someone who is not very familiar on how it's being worn, and most men tend to shy away from using them because of the perceived difficulties involved in wearing cufflinks properly. However, Cufflinks are quite simple to wear, although getting the right one for an occasion can be quite tricky.

Some of the popular types of custom cufflinks include; Fixed bar cufflinks, T-Bar clip cufflinks, double sided enamel cufflinks, snap cufflinks and Chain styled cufflinks, and each of them has its own unique style of being worn. One important factor to consider when putting on cufflinks is to ensure that, both sides of the cufflinks need to be held together without them overlapping. Also, the ease and speed with which cufflinks can be worn depend on the design of your shirt, you might fiddle with it a bit, but with time and practice, it will get much easier and faster for you to put on. Let’s check out the basic steps involved on how to put on cufflinks below, depending on the type of cufflink being worn.

Snap Cufflinks

Snap Cufflinks were very much in vogue during the 1930’s, 40’s even into the 50’s, but they soon became old-fashioned due to the ever-changing fashion trends. Snap Cufflinks have a slight advantage over other types of cufflinks because of the ease with which they can be worn. You can even put them on before wearing your shirt. To put on Snap Cufflinks, simply follow these steps;

· Open the snap cufflinks, one at a time and push it through the buttonhole carefully.

· Once you’ve done that, pick up the other part and push it through the buttonhole before snapping both parts together.

T-Bar Clip Cufflinks

T-Bar Clip Cufflinks are the most popular types of cufflinks today because most cufflink manufacturers make use of that mechanism not just because it’s the most fashionable, but because it's cheap lanyards and costs less to produce. Furthermore, T-Bar Cufflinks are easy to put on which also makes them the preferred option for most people who are relatively new to cufflinks. To put on T-Bar Clip Cufflinks

· Insert the angled bar of the cufflink through the buttonhole using your thumb and index finger before releasing the angled bar to secure the cufflinks.

· Repeat the same process with the other cuff holes, and you can even do them together since its only a hole and straight bar.

Fixed Bar Cufflinks

Fixed Bar Cufflinks are very elegant, with cool decorative elements on both sides. This particular type of cufflink is easy to put on because they are designed with no moving parts, which makes them lasts for a fairly long time. To put on this type of cufflinks, simply

· Hold the big end between your thumb and index finger, then push through the buttonhole with your two middle fingers underneath to secure the cufflinks properly.

Chain Style Cufflinks

Just as its name implies, this type of cufflinks usually have chain elements used for its designs, and this makes them quite tricky to put on,so it may not considered to be the best lanyards for soem people. You need to be very careful, with a bit of skill to put on this style of cufflink. The steps below will guide you;

· Hold the small end tightly with your thumb and insert it into your buttonhole.

· When you’ve done that, pull through the entire chain and start with the next buttonhole. It’s advisable to do one buttonhole at a time.

· Once you’ve done the first two, rotate your cufflinks to ensure they stay secure.

No matter the type of cufflinks you choose, you need to practice regularly on how to wear cufflinks to ensure perfection and ease of convenience for you.

When it comes to buying cufflinks for men, it is important to settle for cheap cufflinks with elegance, a unique piece which reflects the fashion style of the wearer. It also has to be comfortable, classy and of superior quality. However, the ideal cufflink does not need to be very expensive, though quality should not be compromised over price when buying cufflinks, but you can still buy cheap cufflinks without compromising its quality.

GS-JJ is renowned for producing high-quality cheap cufflinks to suit your fashion needs. All GS-JJ cheap cufflinks are expressively designed to catch the eye, with a rich blend of comfort, style, fashion, and function. Our collection of Cheap cufflinks features offers an extensive selection to suit any apparel style.

Cufflinks are an awesome way to liven up and add color to your wardrobe; they are more than just simple pieces of metal. A unique, well-crafted cufflink can really transform your drab work look into something more appealing, but you should also put into consideration the type of shirt you’re putting on, as not every shirt is compatible with being worn with cufflinks.

Whatever your fashion style or preference might be, there is always a cufflink to complement your choice of apparel, be it swank cufflinks, gold cufflinks or cool cufflinks. If you prefer a personalized appeal, then custom cufflinks would do the trick.

GS-JJ is a leading manufacturer of high-quality custom cufflinks, with a passion for excellence. Our unique selection of cufflinks is finely crafted to bring out the royalty in you, and project your elegance anywhere you go. Besides, we provide excelelnt customer service and are happy to answer customers' queations rageadiding how to put on cufflinks. Furthermore, our collection of cufflinks are very affordable, in a rich variety of size, color, and design.

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