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With the selected collection of well-designed templates, elements, and fonts, the Online Design System makes it easy to create your one-in-a-kind custom pins, coins, patches and more... Explore Now!

Fantastic Elements

Fantastic Elements

Your Names & Numbers

Your Names & Numbers

Upload Your Design or Photo

Upload Your Design or Photo

Various Cool Fonts

Various Cool Fonts

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Meet our enthusiastic team, find out why GS-JJ is a great place to work or contact us if you think we are a trustworthy partner.




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding answers to your questions about customization and resolving your concerns promptly.

We also offer you the fastest route to get a thorough understanding of the customization sizes, options, PMS colors, and embroidery thread colors...

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Privacy Policy
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Terms and Conditions

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Welcome to GS-JJ.com

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You’ve Ever Seen!

We are the leading manufacturer of custom enamel pins. A variety of high-quality custom made pins produced by our company are selling well all over the world!

One stop Service

One-stop Service

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Free Design & Shipping

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Factory Direct Price

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Online Ordering System

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Years of Experience

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Qualified Workers

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322917 ft²
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How to Make Enamel Pins?

Production Process of Custom Enamel Pins

   Just e-mail to sales Info@gs-jj.com and place your pin order now! Within 24 hours of business day, we will send the first certificate to you for confirmation.
We will make the first proof within 24 hours and revise it within 12 hours.
design        finish model        die struck        grinding        coloring
1. Designsteps        2. Finish Modelsteps        3. Die Strucksteps        4. Grindingsteps        5. Coloring
polishing        baking        add attachments        packaging        delivery
6. Polishing steps        7. Bakingsteps        8. Attachingsteps        9. Packagingsteps        10. Delivery
Make Your Own Pins

Our Excellent & Skilled Technical Departments


1. Design + Casting

A nice design is a top priority in completing a perfect custom pin. Our genius design department is our pride.A reliable molding process provides a favorable foundation for your pins.

We closely monitor each production process and everything is done to create the most impeccable custom pins.

2. Polishing

We use mechanical, chemical or electrochemical polishing to reduce the surface roughness of the custom enamel pins to obtain a bright and flat surface.

The entire polishing operation requires rigor and care. And our skilled workers can easily complete these steps.

3. Coloring

To match the theme of your personalized pins, we can satisfy any of your high demands on the pin colors.

As a finishing step, coloring determines the appearance of the custom pin. Our lifelike products will highly reproduce your design.
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Amazing Variety of Custom Pins--You Will Not Miss!

No matter what type of custom enamel pins you want, our excellent designers and experienced workers will do their best to make your pin dream a reality! As an enamel pin maker with more than 20 years of valuable experience, we have been committed to providing each customer with high-quality products and friendly services. All kinds of custom enamel pins produced by our company have first-class quality and exquisite appearance.

Hard Enamel Pins VS Soft Enamel Pins

Both hard enamel pins and soft enamel pins are the most popular pin styles. What Is The Difference Between Hard And Soft Enamel Pins? Whether in terms of vision, touch, design, production process, price, etc., there are great differences between these two types.

Hard Enamel Pins

They are also known as cloisonne pins or epola pins. The advantage of the hard enamel pins is strong, durable, and long-lasting. The elegant look, vivid colors and smooth touch make us unable to resist the charming pins.            

Soft Enamel Pins

The soft enamel pin is perfect for showing the texture of the pin detail, and the uneven design makes the pin even more attractive. It is no exaggeration to say that the soft enamel pin is one of the most popular custom lapel pin styles.
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We Also Produce These Types of Enamel Pins

Sandblast Pins

The all-metal sandblast pins are processed with a unique sandblasting process. The raised parts are highly polished for a shiny appearance and the recessed parts have a matte texture or sandblasted finish, creating a sharp contrast.

3D or Cutout Pins

When you have a 3D design and want to apply it to pins, custom 3D pins are definitely your best bet. Custom 3D/Cut out pins offer perfect curves, flexible design and a three-dimensional design concept that no other form of the medal can offer.

Antique Pins

The antique pins show less abrasion compared to highly polished needles of the same category. This embossed design helps to separate the artwork details on the custom made pins, and it can also give your custom pin a vintage feel.

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More Surprising Add-ons Options

We have many upgrade options, these exquisite crafts will make your custom enamel pins more prominent and dazzling!

Glitter Enamel

Why not decorate your custom pin with glitter powder? The special colored powder will look especially shiny & delicate in the sun. This kind of design is very suitable for women of all ages.

Glow in the Dark

Imagine how interesting it is to have a luminous pin! In the dark night, your custom lapel pins are dotted with your clothes, making an ordinary life extraordinary.


It has the texture of pearl and mica, is a high-grade and environmentally friendly paint. A custom enamel pin like this is a great match for your bag or hat.


Rhinestones are always a symbol of timelessness and classic. We can design colored rhinestone onto your pins decently. Then you will have stylish rhinestone pins with bright reflected light.


The ingenious transparent color design is also a highly sought after ingenious design. You can choose any color you like to match your personalized pin itself.

Dedicated Pin Options--Meet All Your Needs!

As a professional custom lapel pin manufacturer, we provide customers with countless options to match your custom lapel pins in order to obtain the 100% satisfactory pins.

Plating Options

Shiny Copper                Shiny Copper
Shiny Gold                Shiny Gold
Shiny Silver                Shiny Silver
Two Tone Finish                Two Tone Finish
Black Metal                Black  Metal
Black Nickel                Black Nickel
Antique Brass                Antique Brass
Antique Copper                Antique Copper
Antique Gold                Antique Gold
Antique Silver                Antique Silver

Attachment Options

Rubber Clutch                Rubber Clutch
Military Clutch                Military Clutch
Cufflink                Cufflink
Deluxe Clutch                Deluxe Clutch
Safety Pin                Safety Pin
Magnet Back                Magnet Back

Package Options

Poly Bag                Poly Bag
Velour Pouch                Velour Pouch
Plastic Box                Plastic Box
Velour Box                Velour Box
Shop Custom Pins

Let Us Show You How Easy it is to
Customize an Enamel Pin!

1. Customize Pins Online

● You can complete the entire pin order in 5 minutes via our customize system. What’s more, you can become the exclusive designer of your own pin by using our pin online design system.

● Besides, if you already have a pin design draft just send an email to us directly. Our talented designers will give professional suggestions on your pin artwork.

Customize Pins Online
Artwork Approving

2. Artwork Approving

● We will send the digital pin artwork to our customers by e-mail for approval first. You can rest assured that we will not perform any bulk production until we get the approved artwork from your side.

● Each custom pin will accept unlimited modifications until you are completely satisfied with your personalized pin artwork.

3. Production Process

● Our company has always been in the leading position in the industry because we always insist on using the highest quality raw materials and advanced crafts to produce your custom enamel pins.

● We promise you that we will deliver your pin order on time. Most importantly, the transportation is free of charge!

Production Process
1        2        3
Get Creative

How to Search the Ideal Enamel Pin Manufacturer?


1. Rich Experience

Choose an enamel pin manufacturer that has great artwork design and production experience.

2. Timely Feedback

For better communication, choose the ones that can give feedback in time. Email, phone and online chat are all good ways for you.

3. Own a Factory

Choose a supplier with their own factory, because it will save you valuable time and the middleman price difference.

closely communication
search the ideal enamel pin manufacturer

4. Show Comments

Choose sites that actively show buyer reviews. Other people's comments may just solve your problem.

5. Save Cost

Choose a supplier that can ship your custom enamel pins for free, so you will save a lot of shipping costs.

6. Delivery Guarantee

Choose a supplier with guaranteed delivery. Nothing is more important than on-time delivery in the business world.

Frequently Asked Questions

PART 1: General Questions

PART 2: Craft Questions

  • Q: Do you provide print screening custom pins?
  • Q: What coloring system do you use?
  • Q: How to distinguish between plating and dyeing?
  • Q: Can you add a logo engraving on the back of a custom pin?
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Do You Want to Learn More about
Custom Enamel Pins?

Your satisfaction is our pursuit! Please feel free to contact us once you have any questions about custom pins.
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