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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Harley Custom Patches For Clothes
Harley Custom Patches For Clothes
Harley Custom Patches For Clothes in 4" Diameter. with 100% Coverage.
RHC Custom Patches
RHC Custom Patches
RHC Custom Patches width is 3.5'', height is 3.4'',with 75% Embroidery.
GOLF SPORTS CLUB Embroidered Patches
GOLF SPORTS CLUB Embroidered Patches
GOLF SPORTS CLUB Embroidered Patches covered by 75% Embroidery.
Masquerade Dance Embroidered Patches
Masquerade Dance Embroidered Patches
Masquerade Dance Embroidered Patches with 75% Embroidery.
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Use our unique design system to take full charge of your artwork. Be your own designer!
Our cutting-edge system allows layering, rotation, scaling, and adding and recoloring elements! Add, recolor, and stylize text. We have many text effects to choose from!
Take pride in giving out patches you created yourself!
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How to Order with our Online Design System?
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Professional Designers!  Our award-winning team can help with your design or create cool patches for you!
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How To Order? Read in-depth guides at
How to Order with our Online Design System?
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Harley Davidson Patches

Biker patches are a common sight. Every hardcore biker can be seen flaunting them over their vests, jackets, bags, and other items they own. Harley Davidson is one of the oldest bike names in the United States. It enjoys a cult following that spans across the globe. Bikers who swear by the manufacturer carry their badge of loyalty proudly in the form of Harley Davidson Patches. Patches are a must. After all, it is the beards, leather gear, and this custom patches that make up a quintessential Harley Davidson fan.

Why Choose Us?

Harley Davidson bikes and its patches have a co-dependent relationship. While the bikes itself are a high-quality product, the immense popularity is a product of a lot of factors.Harley Davidson riders want a good-looking patch, while many who see kickass patches on bikers want the bike. Here are the many other reasons why Harley Davidson patches continue to be a rage.

Part of the Club

Everyone is looking for that feeling of belonging,and Harley Davidson patches offers that. When you bear a patch, you automatically become the part of this distinct group of bikers, who are passionate about riding. And who wouldn’t want to be a part of the Harley Davidson Gang? It’s awesome!

Huge Variety

No two Harley Davidson patches are the same,and there is something for everyone. This makes them suitable for everyone. Man, woman, or child – nobody is too old or too young to wear Harley Davidson patches.

American to the Core

Harley Davidson is a part of Americana. It has been for more than a century. They are everything that American represents. For every American, wearing Harley Davidson patches is akin to carrying a part of the American history. It is a part of who they are,and it comes with a certain nostalgia and pride.

Different Types of Patches

Harley Davidson is a legend in the world of bikes and is an integral part of the American history. In a little over 100 years that it has been active, Harley Davidson bikes and brand have inspired a deluge of patches. And no one is complaining about the many different types of Harley Davidson patches that exist today. Everyone loves them. They can be broadly categorized into the following categories.

Harley Davidson Jacket Patches

Nothing about the Harley Davidson brand is quaint. Neither its products nor its fans. So, it figures that its patches are bold and in-your-face too. Harley Davidson patches are just that. They are usually worn by ardent fans on the back of their leather jackets. The most popular ones are the bar and shield patches or those with majestic eagles swooning over. While you can wear the patches on the sleeves and front of the jacket as well, the large Harley Davidson patches are for those who are looking to make a bold statement. In fact, if you are one of the long-timers, large Harley Davidson patches are bound to appear in your collection.

Harley Davidson Vest Patches

Many people like to keep their Harley Davidson patches close to their hearts,and for them, there are the Harley Davidson Vest patches. Just like the the custom patches for jacket, people can go for a minimalist or an intricate design.

Harley Davidson Rocker Patches

Those who like it vintage will fall in love with the Harley Davidson Rocker Patches. These are 2-piece patches with the name of the company. Typically featured against a black background, this is the most simple but tastefully executed design. It’s a beautiful classic embroidered patch that appeals to every kind of Harley Davidson fan there is.

Custom Patches

There is a huge variety of Harley Davidson patches available out there, with most of them showcasing skulls, bikes,and wheels. However, if you have a different design in mind, then you can get your own custom patches done. Just make sure that it is an original design.

How Get the Patch On?

There are two popular techniques to get a Harley Davidson patch attached to your clothing.

Sew On Patches

Many Harley Davidson customers who have attended rallies and are life-long fans of the brand have jackets and bags with Harley Davidson sew-on patches. These patches are usually affiliated to a particular group or are part of an award that they have won at one of the many competitions.

Iron-On Patches

While sewn-on patches are as close as it gets to something permanent, Harley Davidson Iron-On Patches can also be used if you are okay with a semi-permanent patch. This patch will not fall off, but it can start fraying around the edges depending on the wear and tear it undergoes.The more the clothes are washed, the looser it will become.

Advantage of Harley Patches

There are as many reasons to choose GS-JJ as there are Harley Davidson patches.That’s a lot of reasons. So, let’s check out themost compelling ones.

Been Doing It for a Long Time

We have been in the business for decades and we know every Harley Davidson patch design there is to know. And if you want other patches designs such as flower patch, sport patches and hat patches. So, no matter what you have in mind, just let us know,and we will create custom patches for you.

Free Design

We do not charge you a penny for the design or for sending you the full color-proof. All of that is completely free for our patrons.

Unlimited Revisions

We do notrest until you are satisfied and we promise you unlimited revisions until you are fully satisfied. Once we send you design, we are happy to revise it as many times as you want. No questions asked.

Premium Quality at Affordable Price

All the patches we make are premium in quality. But, the premium quality does not translate into a big hole in your wallet. We are going to offer you the best value for your money.

No Minimum Order

Do not hesitate to place an order with us.Whatever your order size, we will offer yo the best price and make the final delivery of the patches within just 10 days.

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Use our unique design system to take full charge of your artwork. Be your own designer!
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