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Federal Bureau of Investigation Custom Patches
Federal Bureau of Investigation Custom Patches
Federal Bureau of Investigation Custom Patches measures 3.7 inches, with 100% Embroidery.
ARMY Embroidered Patches
ARMY Embroidered Patches
ARMY Embroidered Patches shows difference, with plastic backing.
US Army Embroidered Patches
US Army Embroidered Patches
US Army Embroidered Patches in 4" diameter,with 50% Coverage.
Army Custom Embroidered Patches
Army Custom Embroidered Patches
Army Custom Embroidered Patches are 3" in diameter , with 75% coverage
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Us Army Patches
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US Army Patches

Army patches are a long-standing tradition of the United States Army. They adorn the uniforms of the brave and selfless soldiers who have committed their lives to the service of the country. Army patches are formally known as Shoulder Sleeve Insignias (SSI). As the name suggests, they are worn on the shoulder sleeves.

Army patches signify a lot of things. They are not randomly created. Soldiers from different divisions of the Army wear different army patches. Within a division too, different ranking officers get to wear different army patches that indicate their place in the hierarchy. Apart from this, soldiers with special skills or accomplishments are also awarded army patches to recognize their contributions and achievements.

History of US Army Patches

The army patches were introduced by the British soldiers, way back in the early 19th century. Army patches were primarily a tool for the top ranking soldiers to convey their ranks. Thearmy unit patches made it easier to identify soldiers from different divisions. They quickly caught up,and the idea of army rank patches soon made their way into America.

US Army patches were engraved into the American history by soldiers who fought in the Civil War. The Union and Confederate armies wore a lot of patches on their caps and shirts. However, patches were not yet produced in large numbers, so most of the custom patches worn by soldiers were sewn in by the wives of the soldiers. It was a labor of love and a way to wish them good luck.

During World War I, General John J. Pershing authorized the formal use of the US Army patches. The most popular was the Chevron design and its variations, which were used to create US army unit patches. Every division had their US army division patches. The first known formal US army patches were donned by the 81st Division of the army called the Wildcats. Their army unit patches had their namesake cat outline, sporting olive color, and was designed out of felt fabric.

The US army patches had become much more prevalent by the time of the World War II. They had evolved from being a part of the uniform to a statement. Apart from the official patches, soldiers also wore a lot of other army uniform patches that had personal significance.The medics had their own, as did the artillery, and so on. In fact, army patches became so popular during the Second World War that kids started collecting them. It was quite common for them to write letters to soldiers to send them an army patch. It was a matter of great pride for the soldiers to have a big collection, a tradition that is still prevalent.

Army patches have become an integral part of the US Army. The army patches have carved an important place for themselves in the history of this esteemed organization,and they are here to stay for a long time in the future.

Types of US Army Patches

There are a vast variety of US Army patches in existence today. They cannot be segregated into hard categories, so here is a broad categorization.

US Army Division Patches

These patches are on the uniform of every single soldier belonging to a division. Even the most junior soldiers carry this patch that identifies them as part of their division. These patches were used as a way to identify soldiers in the past and even today, bring out a sense of camaraderie among them. Mountain Division, Air & Missile Defense Command, Air Defense Artillery, Signal Brigade, and many other such divisions have their separate US Army Division patches. Similarly, each unit in that division can have a unique patch too. This is especially true for units that have participated in a memorable battle or some other achievement that they want to immortalize through the US Army Unit patches.

US Army Rank Patches

This was the originally intended reason for the army patches to ever exist and the tradition still lives on. Identical US Army Rank patches can be seen sewn in on the uniform of the soldiers and officers with the same rank. These patches help the soldiers identify the higher ranking officer. In a war-like situation, such patches even assist in establishing a chain of command.

US Army Flag Patches

As the name suggests, US Army flag patches come with the US flag design. They are the pride of every US Army soldier who carry these on their shoulders. All divisions of the US Army and all branches of the military carry the US army flag patches. That is the one common denominator that unites them all.

Custom Patches

Apart from the division-wide and army-wide flag patches, some soldiers wearing army jacket with patches such as wearing flag patches on uniforem jacket for their personal achievements. This could be for a specialized mission, a sports achievement, an honorary recognition or something else. Such custom patches are not mass-produced but designed for the unique requirement.

Why Choose

We give you plenty of reasons to get your US army patches done by us, but here are the top ones.

We Provide End-To-End Service

You can share the design for your army patches with us or ask our skilled designers to create one for you. We provide this service as well as the full-color proof of the design for absolutely free of any cost. We provide you the completed patches within 10 days,and you can get unlimited revisions till you are satisfied with the final result.

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We have been doing this for decades now. This means that we have perfected our techniques. Not only that, we use the latest technology and the years of experience to create something special for you.

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