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Fantastic Elements

Fantastic Elements

Your Names & Numbers

Your Names & Numbers

Upload Your Design or Photo

Upload Your Design or Photo

Various Cool Fonts

Various Cool Fonts

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding answers to your questions about customization and resolving your concerns promptly.

We also offer you the fastest route to get a thorough understanding of the customization sizes, options, PMS colors, and embroidery thread colors...

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Privacy Policy
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Terms and Conditions


Browse Our Custom SUNamel Medals Gallery And Find Your Inspiration Here

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No-Min Production

Terms & Conditions

If you only need a small order, it is the best selection to customize No-min SUNamel custom medals. Don't consider mold fee and will save your budgets!

Rush Production Terms and Conditions

Art Approval


Imprint Color/Location


Order Quantity



*Please note that Unforeseen issues caused by power outages, machine failures, network failures, we do not guarantee 24-hour production.

Custom Medals

No Minimum Quantity

If you are looking for a high-quality, low-cost American customized medal for your marathon, promotion, ceremony, club membership, fundraising, etc., GS-JJ is an incredible choice. GS-JJ is an experienced custom medal maker, providing customized medals to customers all over the world. Now GS-JJ can provide custom medals made in the United States.

Our American made medals can be designed online and our medal templates can be used for free. Whether you need one or 100 medals, we can customize them.

Design Template Options of SUNamel Medals

Our custom medals no minimum(SUNamel) are restricted with limited to the
availability of stock on hand. GS-JJ will offer you various shapes,plating,and sizes.

Get Creative

Round Wheat

Round Wheat Shape

2.5 inches/

3 inches/

Antique Gold/

Antique Copper/

Antique Silver/

Star Cut-out

Star Cut-out Shape

2.5 inches/

3 inches/

Antique Gold/

Antique Copper/

Antique Silver/

Round Flag

Round Flag Shape

2.5 inches/

3 inches/

Shiny Gold/

Shiny Copper/

Shiny Silver/

Shield Flag

Shield Flag Shape

2.5 inches/

3 inches/

Shiny Gold/

Shiny Copper/

Shiny Silver/

Round Metal

Round Metal Shape

3 inches/

4.5 inches/

6 inches/

Shiny Gold/

Shiny Copper/

Shiny Silver/

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  • How it works

    SUNamel Medals with No Minimum

    Pick a Shape Base

    Step 1:Pick a Shape Base

    Choose your favor shape among our shapes base.Your custom design is finally printing on the medal base which is your custom medal's final shape.

    Step 2:Pick a Design Template

    Select the template from our newly-developed online designer system.Massive templates are waiting for you to have a try!

    Step 3:Perfect Your Custom Design

    Add your idea theme and logo of medal to the template,and complete your unique design.

    Step 4 :Order&Confirm Design

    Choose the craft,accessories,quantity of the medal and pay.We will receive the design for precise adjustment,let the customer confirm.

    Step 5:Production

    After the customer approved the design,arrange the production,inspection and delivery.

    Get Quote

    Please Note: The cut off them for Rush Production Order is 3 PM PST. (For Example)A production Job sent to print after 3:00 PM PST on a Monday will start printing Tuesday early AM.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Part 1 Sunamel Medals V.S. Conventional Custom Medals

    Part 2 Other General Question Of Sunamel MEdals


    No Minimum Service of GS-JJ

    Why Choose Us

    Save Mold Cost

    1.Save Mold Cost

    Although most companies provide no minimum service, they often charge high mold costs. The no minimum service provided by GS-JJ for our customers is free of mold costs.No matter the customer orders one or more, we are free of mold costs.

    Made in USA

    2.Made in USA

    All our no minimum products are made in the USA and shipped in the USA. Without the problem of distance, our no minimum products will also reach customers quickly, saving customers a lot of time and cost.

    Guaranteed Quality

    3.Guaranteed Quality

    Our no minimum service can guarantee product quality. For any quality problem, you can contact the 24-hour online customer or contact our US after-sales service department. We will deal with your product problem in the shortest time.

    Get Quote

    Recommed Other No Minimum Products

    Our no minimum products are not limited to medals. Our lapel pins and custom trading pins are also provided with no minimum. If you need it, you can click the product you want to buy.

    Easy and fast design process
    Unlimited artwork modification,free design,No mold fee
    Perfect choice for small quantity orders,fast and professional productions
    No design fees,revision unlimited,free mold
    Hundreds of design elements providing inspiration
    Best choice for showing details and gradient colors

    Not Only No Minimum Medals

    More Type Custom Medals

    Award Medals

    Award Medals is an affirmative honor to outstanding people and an incentive to encourage them to continue their efforts. Our free design system allows you to quickly design and customize personalized custom medals.

    Race Medals

    Event medals are a reward for the winners of a competition. Various themed competition medals can be customized. Exquisite workmanship makes you a repeat customer.

    Religious Medals

    Religious Medals are our custom medals for religion. We respect the religious characteristics of any religion and customize their religious-related satisfaction medals.

    Running Medals

    Running Medals are usually customized for marathon runs. Such medals are very common. The 2020 marathon race has been announced. Are your medals ready?

    See More Types

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