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Army patches are a long-standing tradition of the United States Army. They adorn the uniforms of the brave and selfless soldiers who have committed their lives to the service of the country. Army patches are formally known as Shoulder Sleeve Insignias (SSI). As the name suggests, they are worn on the shoulder sleeves.

Army patches signify a lot of things. They are not randomly created. Soldiers from different divisions of the Army wear different army patches. Within a division too, different ranking officers get to wear different army patches that indicate their place in the hierarchy.


Federal Bureau of Investigation Custom Patches Sale
Federal Bureau of Investigation Custom Patches
Federal Bureau of Investigation Custom Patches measures 3.7 inches, with 100% Embroidery.
VF-1S Valkyrie Custom Patches Sale
VF-1S Valkyrie Custom Patches
Width of VF-1S Valkyrie Custom Patches is 2.9 inches, and the height is 2.7 inches.
Public Enemy Custom Patches Sale
Public Enemy Custom Patches
Public Enemy Custom Patches with 75% coverage.
USN Custom Patches Sale
USN Custom Patches
USN Custom Patches with plastic backing and laser cut border.
ARMY Embroidered Patches Sale
ARMY Embroidered Patches
ARMY Embroidered Patches shows difference, with plastic backing.
US Army Embroidered Patches Sale
US Army Embroidered Patches
US Army Embroidered Patches in 4" diameter,with 50% Coverage.
Army Custom Made Patches Sale
Army Custom Made Patches
Army Custom Made Patches in 2.7" diameter,with 75% Coverage.
Army Custom Embroidered Patches Sale
Army Custom Embroidered Patches
Army Custom Embroidered Patches are 3" in diameter , with 75% coverage
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