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Military Patches  are a special way to wear achievements right on uniform. it's up to you for patch size. it's a easy step to start a patch, our professional sales representatives will help and guide your custom patches. We offer largest selection of military patches, including military spec and supplied regulation full color, operations and units. You can get the exact patch design in that you are looking for.

The Rockets Iron On Embroidered Patches Sale
The Rockets Iron On Embroidered Patches
The Rockets Iron On Embroidered Patches is cool, with 100% Embroidery.
Military Velcro Patches Sale
Military Velcro Patches
Military Velcro Patches in 2.5" diameter.with 50% Coverage.
Massive Make Custom Patches Sale
Massive Make Custom Patches
Massive Make Custom Patches in 2" diameter,100% Coverage.
APOS Custom Patches Sale
APOS Custom Patches
APOS Custom Patches in 2" diameter,with 100% Coverage.
Military Patches Sale
Military Patches
Military Patches in 3.5" diameter.50% custom patch.