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Printed patches, also known as photo patches, refer to a photo made of thread. In the production process, ink is directed dyed into the twill fabric background, enabling the reproduction of perfect images.

This kind of custom patches is an excellent option for perfectionists as it preserves the subtle details and vivid color of the original designs. The problems existing in other patches such as color mixing and damaging of small details can be solved when it comes to custom printed patches.


Pretty Bear Printed Patches Sale
Pretty Bear Printed Patches
Pretty Bear Printed Patches with printed patches.
Playing Dolphin Printed Patches Sale
Playing Dolphin Printed Patches
Playing Dolphin Printed Patches with laser cut border and adhesive backing.
Paw Patrol Printed Patches Sale
Paw Patrol Printed Patches
Paw Patrol Printed Patches are with merrowed border and no backing
Lipton Cheap Custom Patches Sale
Lipton Cheap Custom Patches
Lipton Cheap Custom Patches measures 2.8 inches, with 100% Custom Patches.
The Cars Printed Patches Sale
The Cars Printed Patches
The Cars Printed Patches in 3.5" diameter.
Boone Trail Printed Patches Sale
Boone Trail Printed Patches
Boone Trail Printed Patches with diameter of 3 inches wide by 2.5 inches tall.
Spoopy Ghost Brigade Custom Woven Patches Sale
Spoopy Ghost Brigade Custom Woven Patches
Spoopy Ghost Brigade Custom Patches is 3 inches, with 100% Custom Patches.
Standout Powerling Woven Patches Sale
Standout Powerling Woven Patches
Standout Powerling Woven Patches are round , with merrowed border.
Dog Custom Made Patches No Minimum Sale
Dog Custom Made Patches No Minimum
Dog Custom Made Patches No Minimum in 3" diameter. with adhesive backing.
Printed Custom Patches Sale
Printed Custom Patches
Printed Custom Patches are 2.5" in diameter
Printed Patches Sale
Printed Patches
Printed Patches with 50% Custom Patches. size2*2 inch with cotton material.