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What are Challenge Coin Bottle Opener (Custom Coins)

Bottle opener challenge coins are perfect for a ribbon cutting ceremony, military units, tailgating parties, and motorcycle rallies. And bottle opener is easy to carry, handy and a terrific reminder of the events and organizations you want to celebrate and commemorate. Bottle opener are made from high-quality materials, carefully crafted and rugged designs to make them perfect for years of use. So a custom challenge coins with a Bottle Opener mechanism have been the most commonly used and the type of gift people cherish for many years.

U.S. CBP Military Coins Sale
U.S. CBP Military Coins
2" U.S. CBP Military Coins with Gold Finish, Polished by Smooth Edge, Using Bottle Opener design
EMS Challenge Coin Bottle Opener Sale
EMS Challenge Coin Bottle Opener
1.5" Soft enamel coins, die struck with silver finish.