Custom Lapel Pins, Custom Lanyards, Custom Embroidered Patches
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Superman Embroidered Patches Sale
Superman Embroidered Patches
Superman Embroidered Patches are 2.3" in diameter .
WYO parks custom enamel pins Sale
WYO parks custom enamel pins
1’’ soft enamel pins with silver finish
Ning Ba Custom Patches Sale
Ning Ba Custom Patches
Ning Ba Custom Patches are 2.8" in diameter
50th Anniversary custom lapel pins Sale
50th Anniversary custom lapel pins
1.2’’ hard enamel pins with gold finish
Ratford Custom Made Patches Sale
Ratford Custom Made Patches
Ratford Custom Made Patches are 2.5" in diameter , with 100% coverage.
Whoom Custom Patches Sale
Whoom Custom Patches
Whoom Custom Patches with 75% coverage.
Watermelon Custom Made Patches Sale
Watermelon Custom Made Patches
Watermelon Custom Made Patches consists mainly of red with 100% Embroidery.
  Orange Custom Embroidered Patches Sale
Orange Custom Embroidered Patches
Tom is the main character of Orange Custom Embroidered Patches.
Brown Bear Custom Patches Sale
Brown Bear Custom Patches
Brown Bear Custom Patches shows shy expression, with 100% Embroidery.
Tiger Custom Made Patches Sale
Tiger Custom Made Patches
Tiger Custom Made Patches looks cute, with 50% Embroidery.
Alaskan Malamute Embroidered Patches Sale
Alaskan Malamute Embroidered Patches
Alaskan Malamute Embroidered Patches with 100% coverage
Crab Custom Embroidered Patches Sale
Crab Custom Embroidered Patches
Crab Custom Embroidered Patches with 100% Coverage. width is 3.7", tall is 1.9"
Costa Rica Custom  Patches Sale
Costa Rica Custom Patches
Size 3.1*2.1" for Costa Rica Custom Patches.
Sheep Custom Made Patches Sale
Sheep Custom Made Patches
Sheep Custom Made Patches with 100% coverage
2020 personalized pins Sale
2020 personalized pins
1.7’’soft enamel pins with gold finish
Solar advert custom pins Sale
Solar advert custom pins
1.1’’ 3D cast or cutout pins with silver finish
Commemorative Custom Pins Sale
Commemorative Custom Pins
1" 3D cast / cut out lapel pins, die struck with antique brass finish.
Doughnut Custom Embroidered Patches Sale
Doughnut Custom Embroidered Patches
Doughnut Custom Embroidered Patches is 75% embroidery with Adhesive Backing.
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