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Woven patches can be used in any shape, and can reach 7" in size. The most important is that woven patches can achieve a large amount of detail and clarity, especially for small text, achieving and almost “photo-like” quality that will take surprise for you.Woven patches can be used instead of embroidered patches about 96% of the time. Still, there are times when they are more appropriate than others. Generally, the main reason for our GS-JJ patch customer will be recommended or even request a woven patch is in a way where they ordering a patch with a small size, while the design including Complex details or fine lettering.

Standout Powerling Woven Patches Sale
Standout Powerling Woven Patches
Standout Powerling Woven Patches are round , with merrowed border.
Snoopy Custom Made Patches Sale
Snoopy Custom Made Patches
Snoopy Custom Made Patches with 50% Embroidery.
Happiness Woven Patches Sale
Happiness Woven Patches
Diameter 2.4' for Happiness Woven Patches for sale.
Rugby Custom Woven Patches Sale
Rugby Custom Woven Patches
Rugby Custom Woven Patches is woven patches.
Australian Flag Custom Patches Sale
Australian Flag Custom Patches
Australian Flag Custom Patches is blue, with 50% Embroidery.
Monkey Baby Woven Patches Sale
Monkey Baby Woven Patches
Monkey Baby Woven Patches is cute.
 Leader Custom Patches Sale
Leader Custom Patches
Leader Custom Patches in 3" diameter.
Go Away Custom Patches Sale
Go Away Custom Patches
Go Away Custom Patches size in 1.5" wide by 1.5" tall.
Bear Custom Embroidered Patches Sale
Bear Custom Embroidered Patches
Bear Custom Embroidered Patches in 2" diameter. with Woven Patches.
Woven Patches Sale
Woven Patches
Woven Patches in 2.5" Diameter.With Adhesive Backing.
A Cheap Patches Sale
A Cheap Patches
A Cheap Patches in 3" diameter.Velcro
Fire Custom Patches Online Sale
Fire Custom Patches Online
Fire Custom Patches Online in 2.5" Diameter. with Velcro Backing.
Flag Custom Patches For Clothes Sale
Flag Custom Patches For Clothes
Flag Custom Patches For Clothes diameter in 3",woven patch.
Printed Cheap Patches Sale
Printed Cheap Patches
Printed Cheap Patches size is 3*2.5 inch. with Printed Patches.