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Checking on some refrigerator doors, you’ll likely find magnets and some of them promote some business or worthy cause. This is the most popular and favorite ways for free advertising in the world! You can give a customer or prospective clients your free PVC magnets which they can take to their home. They will place the PVC magnet onto their fridge door and see them all the time. Children also love to look at them, move them around, and rearrange them according to size or color, or whatever strikes them at the moment.

When family, friends and neighbors pass by refrigerator with PVC magnets, they will notice those bright, colorful stick-on magnets and notice the inscription even if the owner has forgotten all about them. That tiny subtle bit of promotion of PVC magnets which can be designed with 2D or 3D will be ingrained in people’s mind because anytime they want their plumbing done or repair their car they will recall that business name and give you a call. Custom PVC magnets do a perfect advertising work which is effective for your business!

The Mayan Tattoo PVC Magnet Sale
The Mayan Tattoo PVC Magnet
2'' Mayan Tattoo 2D PVC Magnet
Cucurbit PVC Magnet Sale
Cucurbit PVC Magnet
2.5'' 2D Cucurbit PVC Magnet
Castle PVC Magnet Sale
Castle PVC Magnet
3'' 2D Castle PVC Magnet
Sports White T-shirt PVC Magnet Sale
Sports White T-shirt PVC Magnet
2'' 2D Sports White T-shirt PVC Magnet
FCB PVC Magnet Sale
FCB PVC Magnet
3'' 2D FCB Symbol PVC Magnet
Québec Elk 3D PVC magnet Sale
Québec Elk 3D PVC magnet
2.5" Québec Elk 3D PVC magnet