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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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OC Detention Center Custom Coins
OC Detention Center Custom Coins
1.9" Dual Plating Challenge Coins with Cross Cut Edge, Polished with Gold Finish.
MCSO Police Challenge Coins
MCSO Police Challenge Coins
1.75" MCSO Police Challenge Coins with Soft Enamel Crafts , Polished with Silver Finish.
Sheriff Challenge Coins
Sheriff Challenge Coins
2" Hard enamel coins, polished with gold finish
Law Enforcement Challenge Coins
Law Enforcement Challenge Coins
1.5" Hard enamel challenge coins, polished with gold finish.
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        What are Law Enforcement Challenge Coins?

Law Enforcement Custom Challenge Coins

Same as the words, the concept of law enforcement consists of just that: enforcing laws.

What better way to appreciate the excellent law enforcement officers in your community than with a gift with historic meaning and pride? A fashion way to honor the bravery and dedication of those that protect and serve is coming forth of law enforcement challenge coins.

These honor challenge coins are affordable, a simple but effective symbolize of recognition for the law enforcement force.

The popularity of law enforcement challenge coins has reached its peak at that time when lots of municipal agencies have prepared challenge coins for the members.

        How to Order Custom Law Enforcement Coins?

        Our law enforcement custom coins are in a variety of shapes, styles, and designs to keep that law enforcement department’s oath close by at all times, made of the finest of metals. The material you choose is depending on your preferences, such as gold, silver, and zinc alloy which is mostly recommended. Let GS-JJ show you how to make your challenge coins outstanding.

How to Order Custom Law Enforcement Coins

Various Craft

● You can also use either a soft or hard enamel process which is up to you. One of our most popular styles is the soft enamel challenge coin with a great-looking product at an economically affordable price. Metal areas are raised, colors are recessed.

● And the hard enamel coin is a jewelry quality product that is durable and detailed, featuring more vivid colors and smooth surfaces. The coin finishes options have silver, gold, nickel and antique finish.

Upgrade Styles

● We often give some professional advice to make your custom challenge coins more outstanding. The double plating pattern is popular among our clients, which allows you to create your challenge coins with different plating materials on each side.

● And there is another great option for you is the epoxy coating, which is a no-color coating production that maintains your custom coins while improving the presentation of your images, text, etc.

Proper Sizes & Edges

● All custom law enforcement challenge coins come in vary widely in diameter and thickness, and a typical pocket coin usually measures 2” with 3 mm thickness, while a presentation coin is normally 3”, 3.5 mm, or other.

● How to choose proper edges for your law enforcement coins? Each edge option makes a different presentation, conveys a different message. Such as standard edge, rope edge, cross-cut edge, spur edge, and oblique line edge, it’s up to you which type you like. You can see our challenge coin gallery.

Suitable Package

● Each custom law enforcement challenge coin will be packed in a clear PVC pouch free for a standard presentation package.

● Besides, if you want to make your quality challenge coins with good looking, you can choose extra display cases of coin capsules, velour pouch, or velour boxes to contain your custom challenge coins. They are excellent choices for personal awards.

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What is the Right Occasion to Present
Law Enforcement Challenge Coins?

Law Enforcement Challenge Coins have become a staple for the law enforcement agencies and even municipal bodies to express their appreciation to exceptional men and women in uniform. Challenge coins are a big part of different law enforcement agencies, including the CIA challenge coins for sale, FBI honorary coins, and many others.

They serve various important purposes and officers and civilians both look forward to receiving these prestigious coins. Law enforcement agencies have recognized different days and reasons that are significant to them for presenting the challenge coins. Here are the top ones.

Recognizing the Braves

● This is one of the most prevalent reasons for presenting a law enforcement coin to a member of the agency. The first challenge coin ever issued by the FBI was to its crisis response team.

● Law enforcement challenge coins are frequently presented by agencies to their brave agents and officers. These law enforcement coins remind them and others how exceptionally they have served their country and their fellow countrymen.

Recognizing the Braves
Remembering History

Remembering History

● Every law enforcement agency has a rich history that propels them to do better than ever before. Founder’s day and agency anniversaries are common occasions of celebration for every agency. Such days deserve special celebrations, commemorated by law enforcement challenge coins.

● These custom law enforcement challenge coins are presented to either all the members of the organization, to a select few who are recognized for their service, or in some cases, exclusively to the heads of these organizations.

Appreciating Hard Work

● All officers working in law enforcement agencies dedicate their lives to serving the nation.

● N.C. Police Department, for instance, awards its police challenge coins for sale, one of the catalog of law enforcement challenge coins, to all officers who have received two letters of recommendation. New York Police Department (NYPD) presented custom made police coins to all its officers involved in the rescue efforts and the recovery drive following the attacks that took place on 9/11.

Appreciating Hard Work
For Charity

For Charity

● Many agencies get law enforcement challenge coins minted for the sole purpose of raising money for charity. Law enforcement challenge coins can be put up for auctions or can be presented to the benefactors. They often give out custom coins to the top contributors at the charity drive.

● Each law enforcement agency has its own style and reason to present law enforcement challenge coins to its officers and others.

Why Choose GS-JJ.com?

Best Product

Best Product

● If you are looking to order high-quality custom coins cheap, then you have come to the right place. GS-JJ.com not only offers you premium base materials but also provides free design, unlimited revisions. We have a track record of producing unparalleled quality law enforcement coins for our clients.

● All the law enforcement challenge coins for sale produced by us go through a personal check by hand. This eliminates any bad apples instantly. This is the primary reason we are able to guarantee your satisfaction.

First Class Service

First Class Service

● If you want to get a quote, then all you have to do is fill out the form for the automated quotation system or send us mail explaining your requirement. In no time, our sales executive will get in touch with you online and get all the information from you to better understand your order requirements.

● Once you furnish all the information, the representative will place your order and we will start working on minting the perfect law enforcement challenge coins. Get the best quotes for your very own custom law enforcement challenge coins today!

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