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Letterman Patches
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Letterman Patches

Letterman patches have a special place in the popular culture. Letter jackets or letterman jackets are typically worn by school and college students. You can see them wearing their letterman jackets with their prized letterman patches all over them. They are any student’s dream. Today, they are also used by organizations to recognize the contribution of their employees because they are a potent motivator. Here is everything you need to know about letterman patches.

What are Letterman Patches?

Letterman patches are versatile. Irrespective of the size, shape, and color, they come in; they are always about celebrating the athletic, academic, and co-curricular achievements of the students. However, with the popularity of the custom letterman patches every increasing, the letterman patches have now found their way into the corporate sector as well. They have also become a tool for keeping the employees inspired and motivated to do their best.

History of Letterman Patches

Harvard first created custom letterman jackets for their baseball players. That makes the ‘H’ on the front of their wool-leather letterman jackets which is the first letterman patch ever. However, the letterman patches of today are a lot closer to the Letter Jackets of Minden High School from 1953. A bold M on the side of their sports jacket is the precursor to the modern-day letterman jacket patches. However, there are no rules on how to create letterman patches. So schools, colleges, and other institutions can design them to reflect their values.

Why are They So Popular?

Modern letterman jackets are adorned with a whole bucket list of letterman patches. They have gainedimmense popularity because of the following reasons.

Showcase Skills

School and college campuses breed a competitive environment so that students can realize their full potential. Custom Letterman patches allow the student to advertise their skills and achievements to people around them and help in creating healthy competition.

Sign of Excellence

From schools to colleges to organizations, letterman patches can be found everywhere. Moreover, wherever they are present, they have become a symbol of excellence. From a young age, students identify them as a reward they must earn. It is ingrained in the psyche of people, and it is a mark of excellence for sure.

A Fashion Statement

People don’t just wear their letterman patches as a way of showcasing their achievements. They also sport them as a personal style statement. While usually letterman patches are created by institutions, individuals can also create these patches for clothes to make a fashion statement. For instance, glitter letterman patches is back on trend nowadays.

Types of Letterman Patches

There is an unlimited number of custom letterman patches out there today. The sheer variety makes it incredibly difficult to classify them. However, here are the broad divisions to understand the different kinds of letterman patches available to you.

The Letters

Letterman patches got their name from the letters depicting the initials of the universities. This original design is still the most popular. The fonts, colors, and the technology to create those designs might have changed, but the custom letterman patches created using the first letter of the university are still going strong.

Apart from the letters, varsity jackets can have letterman patches that showcase the mascot, or the logo of the school one belongs to. So, they make for universal design for letterman patches too.


These letterman jacket patches are used explicitly for celebrating players who have dedicated their lives to a sport. A chevron is awarded to them each year they spend practicing a sport. Usually, a chevron has a bar or some other symbol that denotes the number of years. These are not the number of years the player has been on the varsity team, but the number of years the player has devoted to the sport. These letterman patches also indicate the sport for which they have been awarded.

Chevrons usually go on the sleeve of the jacket. With the same student involved in multiple games, chevrons can quickly fill up a letterman jacket. So, find ways to showcase these letterman patches judiciously.


Many schools, universities, and other organizations create commemorative letterman patches to commemorate a particular achievement of the school or the individual on a big platform. Your school could be a tournament champion for a year, or a particular student may have received an award at a national or international level. These are significant milestones that can become permanent fixtures on the letterman jackets.


Apart from these, people have created many more types of custom patches to make a statement using the good old letterman jackets. They can include glitter letterman patches, 3D letterman patches, or something else. The idea is to use the jacket as a canvas and let creativity take its course.

Why Choose GS-JJ For Your Letterman Patches?

Letterman patches have been around for a long time, but that does not make it any easier to create high-quality letterman patches. With every institution focused on making their design better than others, the letterman patches are becoming more challenging to design and tricky to execute. However, an experienced company like can deliver various products expertly, including letterman patches, biker patches, military patches, morale patches and flower patch. Here are the various reasons why you should go with us.

Experienced Designers

We have some of the most experienced and talented designers in the industry. No matter of what you want, be assured that they can make your vision a reality. We offer you these designs for FREE.

Quick Turnaround

Once you order letterman patches online with us, you are guaranteed to receive cheap custom letterman patches within 10 days, irrespective of the size of the order. By the way, we do not have a minimum order quantity either.

Free Shipping

Whenever you do business with, you will never pay any shipping charges on your orders.

Dedicated Customer Service

We discuss your requirement in detail to ensure that you get precisely the letterman patches that you imagined in your head. We offer unlimited revisions to make sure that you accept only what you want. We are always here.

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