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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Hollywood Elite Security Patches
Hollywood Elite Security Patches
Task Force Security Patches
Task Force Security Patches
Kept The Eyes Open Make Custom Patches
Kept The Eyes Open Make Custom Patches
Kept The Eyes Open Make Custom Patches measures 4.5 inches, with 100% Embroidery.
T&B Security Officer Custom Patches
T&B Security Officer Custom Patches
T&B Security Officer Custom Patches is 3.9" wide.
Security Custom Made Patches
Security Custom Made Patches
Security Custom Made Patches in 3" diameter.75% Custom Patches.
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                Introduction of Security Patches

custom security uniform patches

                    Security personnel in uniform is a comforting presence to everyone around them. People feel safe and secure. They know that everything is under control and if anything goes down, the officer in uniform will help them get through it.
Security patches are the pride of these responsible officers, which they flaunt on their chests and arms to showcase the organization they represent.

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Characteristics of an Ideal Security Patches

Security patches are worn by officers, guards and anyone who is tasked with securing a company, a public area or any other space. Given the critical nature of custom patches, an ideal security patch must have the following characteristics.

Quickly Identifiable

Quickly Identifiable

The job of a security officer is to safeguard the employees or the public. This means that sooner or later they are going to come in contact with an anti-social element. Someone will try to enter a restricted area or create trouble on the premises the officer is guarding. In such a situation, the miscreants must understand the authority of the officer. Security officer patches help them establish that authority. So, security patches must be easily and quickly identifiable. This could be achieved with a simple design with few elements.

High Production Quality

High Production Quality

First impressions matter a lot. So, no matter how influential or thriving a security company is, when its guards wear security guard patches of poor quality, it reflects on the brand. People will not take such security guards seriously or think much about the company they represent. So, make sure that the thread, the dyes, and the craftsmanship of these custom patches are of the best possible quality. This will have a direct impact on the brand equity of the security company.

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

Often, security officers have to change in and out of different uniforms to perform various tasks. They may also have to wear extra clothing during the winter months. However, no matter which uniform or clothing they are wearing, they must wear their security officer badge patch in a place where it is visible. In such a case, security velcro patches present an ideal solution. They can be easily peeled out of the old uniform, shirts, or cardigans and placed wherever the security guard wants to display it.

Points to Keep in Mind While Designing a Patch

If you are a security company, then getting security patches on your uniforms are mandatory. It is a source of identification that your security guards should always carry on them. It is professional and provides a sense of security. You can either design the custom patches yourself or get it designed by a professional. In either case, keep the following things in mind.

universal appeal

【1】 Show Strength

This is key to designing security patches. You have to create a design that commands respect. Typically, security patches have an eagle, horse, lion or some other animal that communicates the ferociousness of the security job. It can also be a sword, a soldier’s helmet, or some other item that evokes a sense of security and strength. It is also a common practice to make security patches in the shape of a shield or a star. Again, these are symbols of valor and excellence. After all, the idea is to convey that a strong security officer is guarding the premises.

suitable everywhere

【2】 Color Scheme

Before finalizing a design, pay close attention to the color scheme being used for the security patches. You should consider the colors important to your company, the color of the uniform over which the patch will be worn as well as how well those colors will work together. This will help you to make the design of the patch easy to read and understand. You want people to feel secure around to know that they are safe under the protection of the security officer wearing the patch. It is a good move to choose bold colors to make the patch visible from a distance.

variety on offer

【3】 Placement

While designing the patch, another factor to consider is the scale of the patch. Whether the patch is worn on the chest or the shoulder, the design or anything is written on it should be visible and in full view. The patch should not be so small that its contents are not visible to anyone. It should not be so big either, that it goes around the arm of the security guard, completely covering the message of the company.

Why Choose GS-JJ for Your Security Patches?

GS-JJ.com is a company that has been in the business of designing security patches for a long time now. All that experience and expertise helps them understand the requirement of a company quickly and provide precisely the final product that they have been looking for. Here are the top reasons to choose us to produce security patches for you.

custom security patches

Talented Designers: At GS-JJ, we have a pool of talented designers who have extensive experience with creating security patches. So, no matter what you want, they can come up with a creative design for you.

Expert Advice: If you are not sure about the best solution for your security patch, we can help you decide. We can consult you regarding the color, shape, and size of the security patch to get the desired result in the first go.

High-Quality Product: We use only the best quality threads and dyes to create your custom patches. So, you are always going to make a great first impression.

Affordable Prices: When you come to GS-JJ.com, you can expect to get cheap patches, but top-notch quality.

No Minimum Order Quantity: No order is too big or small for us. We mean it. Whether you are a startup or a big conglomerate, we will provide you the same quality without placing any conditions for minimum orders.

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When you are completely satisfied with your proof and confirm your order. You can get your goods on time with FREE shipping. Perfect quality guarantee and excellent after-sales service, no minimum order.

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Every Custom Security Patches Order Includes:

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FREE Full-Color Proof

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FREE Shipping

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100% Satisfaction

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FAST Production

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