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PVC Labels

PVC Labels are having numerous uses ranging from providing useful information about what is the origin of the product to its brand name, uses, disposal etc. The method used to manufacture PVC labels and also the risks associated with it are recognized by international standards. Nowadays, custom PVC labels are more popular in the world.

What are PVC labels?

PVC labels are mostly used in outdoor products such as vinyl, canvas etc. It is used on clothing such as backpacks, swimwear, suits and all those clothing products which are regarded to be waterproof. These PVC labes are called as PVC clothing labels. The thickness of PVC labels cannot stop you from sewing it to a product due to the sewing channel which surrounds them. It is also used on electronics, home appliances, chemical, automobile and various other industries.

The most common PVC labels to get the actual viscosity comprises of petroleum resins, acrylic and other chemicals of such types. The method that should be used if one wants to get rid of the viscosity of the sticker is to soak it in hot water or use a hair dryer over the sticker and then with a damp cloth try to get the self-adhesive parts of the sticker actually this method avoids any damage caused to the product.

How can they be used?

      ●   Soft PVC labels can be used on these products :

      ●   Clothing used for outdoor usages

      ●   Covers of equipment

      ●   Awnings of canvases

      ●   Tools Bags of canvases

      ●   Back Packs

      ●   Sail Covers

      ●   Outdoor Gear

      ●   Police and Enforcement Departments

      ●   Paintball, airsoft team patches

News stations, construction companies who are trying branding over their products using custom logos over their vests and hats.

What are the various advantages of using PVC labels?

For PVC labels longevity and wear are never the issues. Even in the harshest of the conditions PVC labels has a record of 5 years durability. They tend to bring the most lasting impression to which level other labels do not match

The products which are used mostly for outdoor purpose needs to be strong and sturdy so that they can withstand the harsh climatic changes and it is very important for the label of the products to remain new and stay intact as they show the brand of a product throughout the product’s lifespan and only PVC labels can live up to this standard.

They give a colorful outlook to the product because PVC labels are made up of very rich and vivid colors which are very unique in their own capacity. PVC labels are having a specific type of firmness and are corrosive resistant with very slow aging makes the best labels available in the market.

Where can you buy PVC labels from?

Custom PVC labels can be bought from GS-JJ, one of PVC labels suppliers.  This online store lays claim to nothing but the best. They give the best and also quality PVC labels. Their expert team will be working with you till the pvc labels fit perfectly in terms of both application and the budget.

They are a Los Angeles based company. Custom PVC labels designing are a specialty of GS-JJ who is having three years’ experience in building the most out of the box and attractive looking PVC available in the marketplace. The customers will have an experience of the process of creating PVC products and some of the designing aspects and also how other customers made their PVC products and their respective artwork.

Why is GS-JJ the best place to buy it from? 

GS-JJ logans that they will let their work do most of the talking.  The standard patches here are made from Soft Rubber PVC, which is a material that has a combination of a very trendy quality along with sturdiness.

GS-JJ also provide eco-friendly Silicone patches which are even though high priced but environment-friendly.  Besides this, GS-JJ also specialize in making PVC keychains, PVC zipper pulls, PVC magnets, PVC coasters, PVC luggage tags, PVC dogs tags etc.

The response time of GS-JJ is tremendous. Product compared to market standards is unmatched, a caring customer care.  PVC labels are the most important for those companies who produce mostly outside products as in that case the sturdiness and reliability of PVC emblems come into use. The branding of an outside product is mainly done by PVC as it offers strong resistance from perishing in case of strong climatic conditions.

GS-JJ consider themselves as the best in business in case of manufacturing PVC products and even their loyal customers claim so. So the next time you are buying PVC labels and other PVC products you know where you have to go.

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