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Soft PVC Luggage Tags

Are you an avid and passionate business or pleasure traveler looking for the best luggage tag accessories? Do you wish to own a smart, stylish, and durable luggage tag that is customizable to suit your needs? If yes, then this article is painstakingly written for you. We have taken out time to craft this piece of article to enable readers like you have a thorough understanding of the Soft PVC luggage tags which are also customizable and easy to use.

Soft PVC luggage tags is an outstanding luggage tag accessory that would help you to quickly identify your luggage and belongings while making your business or pleasure trip a remarkable one. Most business professionals tend to opt for this type of luggage tag owing to its flexibility and durability. Soft PVC materials are used to design this luggage tags. The front side is usually designed with rubber-like materials. It feels like rubber when touched, and tends to bend when an external force is exerted on it. However, it regains its original shape once the force has been expelled from it.

The back side of the soft PVC luggage tags which is also known as custom PVC luggage tags owing to its customizable nature is designed with a thick plastic transparent window. A paper is attached to for the user to detail their contact information. The plastic is designed to withstand any form of stress associated with traveling. These luggage tags are customizable and have been designed for users to pick any color that they are comfortable with. In this way, users can easily spot their luggage from a wide range of luggage. Custom PVC luggage tags enable users to design their tags to suit their preference.

With Soft PVC Luggage Tags, You Won’t Lose Your Luggage Ever Again

Manufacturers of luggage tags have come to realize its importance. They have come to understand that its versatility is essential for easy and proper usage thereby leading to more frequent usage by travelers. Furthermore, its customizable nature has also increased its usage amongst travelers as they can be easily customized to suit their needs. The custom PVC luggage tags are lightweight, flexible, and durable.

Each luggage tag is designed and made of vinyl polymer with unlimited Set of Colors and shapes to choose from. A good number of companies have resulted to giving out specially made custom luggage tags manufactured from PVC to their staffs during the holidays as a sign of appreciation.  Imagine attending your next vacation or business trip with your customized company luggage tag – pretty cool right! This will undoubtedly make your luggage stand out.

Having your company’s PVC Luggage Tag strapped to your luggage is also another unique and superb way to promote your company while on the go. GS-JJ , one of manufacturers of  luggage tags, provides soft and custom made PVC luggage tags with a thick back capable of holding a standard business card. Furthermore, a strap is added to enable users to attach their luggage or other personal items.

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Get Your Soft PVC Luggage Tags Today at

PVC luggage tags are perfect for suitcases, backpacks, briefcases, and sports bags. They are soft, flexible and durable. You can easily custom your company’s logo on it and gift it to your customers and staff as a token of appreciation.

At, we will ensure your custom pvc luggage tags is in the right format. Before our final delivery, we will send a hardcopy proof of your customized luggage tag to you. Once you have verified that it is in your chosen order, we will send goods to you. Our PVC luggage tag could be in a 2-Dimensional format, 3-Dimensional format or multi-level dimensional format all in a bid to ensure that your design is lively and attractive. If you also don’t like soft PVC materials, we have other types of luggage tags such as the plastic tags, embroidery tags, and metal tags.

At, our competitive prices save you up to 30-50% on your PVC luggage tags while ensuring that only top quality materials are used in the production of your custom PVC luggage tags. Our custom service will patiently work with you to select the most appropriate materials, size, color options and finishes for your PVC luggage tags. In short, there are cheap soft PVC  luggage tags and soft luggage tags no minimum. Enjoy your order!

Custom PVC luggage tags manufactured by are cost-efficient and produced with the best product quality. We make your bag tags unique, expand your brand and make your logo stand out. For further inquiries, kindly visit our website at or contact use for any information about our services.

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