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Ancient Animals Custom Pins
Ancient Animals Custom Pins
1.75”Hard enamel pins, with shinny glitter, die struck with silver finish.
Little Monster Custom Pins
Little Monster Custom Pins
1.55”Hard enamel pins, die struck with gold finish.
Cat Custom Enamel Pins
Cat Custom Enamel Pins
1.6’’ hard enamel pins with silver finish
Custom Bear Enamel Pins
Custom Bear Enamel Pins
1.25’’ soft enamel pins with gold finish
Loong Lapel Pins
Loong Lapel Pins
1.5”Soft enamel pins, with glitter in purple and blue color, die struck with black nickel finish.
Custom Wolf Enamel Pins
Custom Wolf Enamel Pins
2’’ hard enamel pins with gold finish
Flying Monster Custom Pins
Flying Monster Custom Pins
2” Hard enamel pins, die struck with silver finish.
Personalized Rabbit Custom Pins
Personalized Rabbit Custom Pins
1.75’’ soft enamel pins with dye black finish
Frustrated Dog Custom Pins
Frustrated Dog Custom Pins
0.75"Soft enamel pins, die struck with rose gold finish.
Elephant Custom Enamel Pins
Elephant Custom Enamel Pins
2’’ soft enamel pins with dye black finish
Bird Lapel Pins
Bird Lapel Pins
1"Hard enamel pins, die struck with gold finish
Landwhale Enamel Pins
Landwhale Enamel Pins
1.25"soft enamel pins, die struck with dye black
Dog Soft Enamel Pins
Dog Soft Enamel Pins
1.1" Soft enamel lapel pins, die struck with dye black.
Woody Custom pins
Woody Custom pins
1.55" hard enamel pins with dye black finish
Buzz Lightyear Custom pins
Buzz Lightyear Custom pins
1.55" hard enamel pins with dye black finish
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Lapel Pins
Animal Pins

Animal Pins

What Are Animal Pins?

Animal pins provide a wonderful look for every person. Wether it’s lapel pins, or enamel pins, custom lapel pins have a certain charm to them. For one, animals have a lot of symbolism and significance to us, so wearing one is certainly a fashion statement.

Every one of the animal pin is plated with a quality finish of your choice and is then recessed in various areas to keep them dark while others are raised to provide a polished and lighter tone of metal.

What is also important to note is that most animal pins provide a variety of colors to them. Despite all of those colors involved, the number of colors won’t drop the quality of the pin itself. Our process is refined to ensure that they are distinct and that the colors don’t mix with one another.

As a result you can easily make animals with various colors and designs to be involved in the making of these animal pins.

How To Make Animal Pins?

animal pins

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Like most items these days, what companies provide could be made at home in some cases. Pins are certainly one thing. That being said, the process that animal pins at home is far more cumbersome than our process. For one, making them at home will yield a lower quality result than even our most basic pins. We touched on some of the process above, however below we explain our process in far more detail. This’ll provide you with a perspective in what goes into making enamel pins, lapel pins, or any custom pins or custom lapel pins that we produce for you.

We take pride in the fact that we provide high quality animal pins for any kind of occasion. To prove that, we provide our customers with the ability to make custom pins. Not only in design but also in size overall. Whether you are using the pins for personal use or for particular events, our pins are perfect for the occasion.

As far as our process goes we offer our animal pins as a classic and refined look for people. All of our custom lapel pins we offer to people are die struck from either copper or iron and is then plated with the finish of your choice. Of course the animal you pick is all situational along with the colors too. After you’ve picked your finish the dark raised areas are polished off which leaves you with a lighter look and adds a little bit of depth to the overall look of the animal pins. This technique is used to ensure you get the max contrast from the overall design of it making it look like a new custom pin. We are even capable of making it have a more three-dimensional appearance through adding a light, medium or dark finish to your custom lapel pins. What is also big too is if the animal pins are going to be paired with enamel pins, they can have the similar techniques added so they can match your other custom pins.

Why Order Animal Pins?

Animals provide a lot of symbology behind them and therefore they have significance for us. We have favorite animals or have a family pet at home. Having these cute pins closely related to that can mean a lot.

Some other important things to note is that animals are often used as mascots for schools, sports teams, and company mascots. Whether it’s professional teams or childhood teams, a pin can have sentimental value behind them.

Furthermore these pins can be used as thank you for people for contributing in fundraisers or awards for volunteers or employees for doing exceptional work. They can also be used as an item that’s unique with getting a promotion or can be a branded company item.

They can even be used as souvenirs for people who attend parks, zoos, aquariums, or other tourist locations or educational attractions.

The list of ideas for animal pins can go on and on as the significance behind them can represent a variety of things for us.

cat pinscat pinscat pins

Why Order Animal Pins From GS-JJ?

For over 20 years,, as a professional lapel pin maker, has been making custom lapel pins no minimum as well as other promotional pins for companies. We are a leader within this line of business of making and manufacturing a variety of pins. We take pride in giving the customer customizable capabilities allowing customers to make any size they like and to what have on the pin itself. We provide lapel pins for sale and there’s not even a minimum order requirement for us to make these pins for you.

We offer all sorts of artwork and design services free of charge to ensure that we get the pin to look exactly how you want it. To top it off we also store and keep digital proofs. So in the event that you need to make more, the design will look exactly the same as you previously ordered.

As a result of this quality of service, our customers have been coming back due to them knowing we provide high quality custom pins, top-notch customer service as well as reasonable and competitive prices, paired off with fast production times.

The first step to getting these quality custom animal pins is to contact us and we will be happy to provide a quote for your custom lapel pins, animal lapel pins, or whatever kind of pin you want to create. After that we’ll send over a full-color proof for your approval. If you aren’t satisfied with the look of it or some other reason, let us know and we will promptly refund the payment in full or re-make the order to your specifications free of charge.

Every Order of Animal Pins Includes:

FREE full-color proof at no extra charge delivered via email.

FREE design and artowrk with unlimited revisions.

FREE shipping - delivered via DHL or FedEx air service

FREE duty and tax

100% satisfaction guarantee for material and workmanship

FAST production - ready to ship within 5 days or less.

Order your animal pin today!

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24 hours with a FREE digital proof of your pin design.


You can revise your pin proof unitl it is exactly what you want.

Artwork and revisions are always free! We offer the fastest and most appropriate service


When you are completely satisfied with your proof and confirm your order.

You can get your goods on time with FREE shipping.

Perfect quality guarantee and excellent after-sales service

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  • We look forward to your inquiry and cooperation. If you have any problems regarding designs, techniques,artworks or other aspects, please do not hesitate to contact us in any of the following ways. Our professional service team will give you the quickest reply. Besides, 24/5 online customer service is provided so you can chat with us online.

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Custom Pins Hots, No.1: Designing System Online that Professional Pin Manufacture Tools, No 2: Automated Quotation System for Custom Pins, you can easy to Select what your Lapel Pins needs online. Custom Enamel Pins Cheapest price Guarantee and No Minimum

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    Custom Pins Hots, No.1: Designing System Online that Professional Pin Manufacture Tools, No 2: Automated Quotation System for Custom Pins, you can easy to Select what your Lapel Pins needs online. Custom Enamel Pins Cheapest price Guarantee and No Minimum

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