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Makaira Mazara Custom Made Patches
Makaira Mazara Custom Made Patches
Makaira Mazara Custom Made Patches measures 4.6 inches, with 75% Embroidery.
Black Widow Custom Velcro Patches No Minimum
Black Widow Custom Velcro Patches No Minimum
Black Widow Custom Velcro Patches No Minimum measures 3.5 inches,with 50% Embroidery.
Comedian Cheap Custom Patches
Comedian Cheap Custom Patches
Comedian Cheap Custom Patches with 100% coverage.
Spiderman Embroidered Patches
Spiderman Embroidered Patches
Spiderman Embroidered Patches with 100% Embroidery.
Legis Cheap Patches
Legis Cheap Patches
Legis Cheap Patches with 75% coverage.
Sexy Witch Custom Patches no Minimum
Sexy Witch Custom Patches no Minimum
Sexy Witch Custom Patches no Minimum with 75% embroidery.
Michael Jackson Custom Name Patches
Michael Jackson Custom Name Patches
Michael Jackson Custom Name Patches in 4 inch tall.
Keep Cool Make Custom Patches
Keep Cool Make Custom Patches
Keep Cool Make Custom Patches width is 1.6'', height is 1.85''.
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Custom Patches
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  • Makaira Mazara Custom Made Patches
  • Black Widow Custom Velcro Patches No Minimum
  • Comedian Cheap Custom Patches
  • Spiderman Embroidered Patches
  • Legis Cheap Patches
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Customer Reviews

Cool Patches

Custom patches make a fashionable statement today. You are telling everyone loud and clear who you are without uttering a word. What was used to cover up tattered clothes in the earlier times is now used to make a cool statement. Today, there are a lot of cool patches out there that can give your wardrobe and accessories an instant makeover.

Ideas to Make the Patches Work for You

What makes patches cool? The answer to this is same as to the question – what makes anything cool?

You can turn something cool by adding a touch of pop culture, a dash of character, and by giving it your own spin. There are many ways you can create trendy and cool patches, but to be cool, they must be timeless. They should represent something that is not fleeting. If you have a story to go with it, then your custom patches are all the more awesome. Here are some ideas to turn your patches cool:

Quality Craftsmanship

There is no alternative to quality. There is nothing cooler than fabulous cool embroidered patches. The high-quality workmanship of embroidery speaks volumes about the attention to detail that has been showered on the cool patches. That’s why official patches tend to be embroidered patches. And you know how cool official patches look, right?

Emblems and Mottos

A time-tested way to make custom patches cool is to sport an emblem or a motto on them. The motto can be something as innocuous as “Be Free”, or something fiercer like “Born to Rule”. If you have a familiar member or a friend in the military, you can show solidarity with them by sporting cool military patches with mottos like “My Idea of Help is a Sniper on the Roof”, or “Semper Fi”.

Personalize It

You know what the coolest patch is? Something that defines you - your belief, your motto towards life, a popular quote from your favorite movie, a line from a book, or something else that holds a deep emotional value for you. And, flaunt it like it is a part of you. You can get cool patches for jackets, cool patches for jeans, backpacks and so on. Whatever you choose, it should reflect your unique style. Then that’s the coolest patch you own.

With all that taken care of, you are now the official owner of cool patches.

Apply Your Cool Patch the Way You Like It

So, you have decided on the patch, but are not quite sure how it goes on your choice of attire? Here are the three ways in which you can apply cool patches for clothes. This will decide how long the cool patches last.

Cool Sew /On Patches

If you are looking for permanent patches, then these cool sew-on patches are the answer. The cool sew-on patches are best suited for memorable gifts or company logos that need to stay on permanently. Cool patches for hatsare usually put using sewing. You can put cool patches on jackets and jeans using the sew-on method, but remember that once the patch is on, it is going to stay like that forever.

Cool Iron On Patches

The cool iron-on patches are the simplest to apply. They come with an industrial-grade adhesive on the back which goes right on the surface where you want to apply it. So, all you have to do is apply heat to the patch and press. This is quite an easy process. Thesecool iron on patches are great to look at and are semi-permanent, so you can keep changing them as the trends change.

Cool Velcro Patches

Cool Velcro patches provide the perfect solution for people who want to add cool military patches, girl scouts patches or some other kind of achievement patches to their uniforms or other attire without damaging it. There are so many cool velcro patches that have beautiful designs on the front and on the back, and hidden under them is an undetectable Velcro attachment. This allows you to wear the velcro patches whenever you feel like. When you have to change uniforms or put on something new, the Velcro patch can easily move with you onto the new attire.

Reasons for Having Cool Patches

Fashionable and Affordable

Cool Patches are a great way to make a fashion statement or to define your personal style. They are not super-expensive, and they are easy to apply. So, whether you already have a design in mind or you want a custom design made, you can have cool patches in every kind of shape, design, and color.

Various Options

Cool patches for jackets are one of the most popular options. Not only can you get some great patches on the front, but have a big patch on the backs as well. Indeed, bikers love to have jacket patches on the back, because they are much more prominent, which makes them even cooler. You can also get cool patches for jeans, or if you are feeling especially adventurous, then you can get reallycool patches for hats too.

Why Choose GS-JJ for Your Cool Patches?

When you come to, you will be able to the coolest patches there are. Our confidence comes from a whole array of factors. Here they are:

Rich Experience in Patch Manufacture

We have been in the business of making patches for two decades now. During this time, we have learned everything there is to learn about creating cheap patches with supreme quality. Our line of patches includes cool patches, skull patches, chenille patches, letterman patches, security patches and so on. So, whether cool patches or what kind of custom patches you want, we can make them for you.

No Minimum Amount

Clients come to us with designs that they want us to turn into novelty patches, or a school may come to us with a bulk order. No matter how big or small the order is, we never fall back without helping you.

Fast Delivery

When you place an order with GS-JJ, you will have your cool patches for clothes and accessories within 10 days.

Free Shipping

Yes, that’s right! When you work with GS-JJ for your patches, you do not have to pay for any shipping charges.

Best Price Guarantee

At GS-JJ, you get the most affordable prices on all kinds of cool patches. We make it possible to bring cheap patches to you by offering you direct factory prices.

Contact Us

We look forward to your inquiry and cooperation. If you have any problems regatding designs, techniques, artworks or other aspects, please do not hesitate to contact us in any of the following ways. Our professional service team will give you the quickest reply. Besides, 24/5 online customer service is provided so you can chat with us online.


Call: 1-888-864-4755


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Canada: Vancouver Office address: 5280 Oakmount Crescent, Ste 402, Burnaby, BC V5H 4S1

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