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Flower Patch

Nature is every artist’s first teacher, their source of constant inspiration. Nature fascinates everyone with an eye for beauty. And, what is prettier than flowers in nature? That is why a flower patch is among the oldest patch design, and it continues to be the most popular too. They derive its universal appeal from its enormous variety. Flower patches come in all colors; they come in all sizes; they come in all kinds of shapes. So, no matter what type of flower patch you have in mind, you can get it. They can complement everything from a dress to a blazer to a bag and more.

Different Types of Flower Patches

When it comes to the design of flower patch, the sky is the only limit. If you can see it and visualize it, then the design can be brought to life. Behind those complex variety of designs, there are a limited number of techniques that are used to make them. Here are the most popular ones.

Iron on Flower Patches

Iron on flower patches is among the most preferred categories of designs in the industry. They can be created fast, and they work great for semi-permanent use, thanks to the heat-seal backing. It is the heat from the iron and the special adhesive that get the job done. The design then melts on the fabric and is bonded to it, facilitated by the heat. These custom patches are not permanent because the flower patch can start chipping off from the material after repeated use and washes. A little care, however, can go a long way in prolonging the life of the flower patch.

Iron on flower patches works best for intricate designs that cannot be sewn or embroidered correctly.

Embroidered flower patches

For centuries, people have used the art of embroidery to add another dimension to a bland piece of cloth. Embroidered flower patches fit into that long-standing tradition. Embroidery always manages to evoke a sense of nostalgia in people. On top of it, embroidered flower patches sport a full vintage look at that. This might be an old form of creating a flower patch, but by no means is it dated. Modern technology can produce human quality embroidered flower patches that can give any other type of flower patch a run for its money.

The thing with embroidered flower patches is that they are permanent. As long as the fabric lives, the embroidery will stay. So, if you want a flower patch to remain in its place permanently, embroidered is the way to go.

Stick-On Flower Patches

Stick-on flower patches are another type of semi-permanent custom patches that can be used for used in events and promotions. These come with an adhesive on the back. All you need to do is peel the flower patch and stick it on.

Besides the two major types of flower patches, there are also stick-on flower patches and rhinestuds. These are somewhat obscure methods of creating flower patches, but they have a small but strong niche following.

Rhinestud Flower Patches

If you want to go completely 3D with your flower patch, then explore flower patches made out of rhinestuds. They are definitely flashier and will gain anyone’s attention quickly. They are attached to the base with an adhesive. High quality rhinestud flower patches can last longer, but washing and regular wear will make them fall off. They are not super durable like embroidered flower patches.

Why Use Flower Patches?

There are lots of reasons to opt for flower patches.

Universal Appeal

Flower patches work their magic on a massive demographic. They can be used for kids, tweens, teens, as well as adults of all ages. So, no matter why you need a patch, a flower patch will fit into your requirement.

Suitable Everywhere

Flower patches for clothes can be used for apparel, bags, pillow covers,jeans with flower patches,and a variety of other items. Anything that you want to add an exciting touchto can use a nicely designed flower patch. They work well whether it is a professional event or you are giving a personal gift.

Variety On Offer

There is nothing more unique, delicate and beautiful than a good old flower patch. There are many time-tested designs that the customers can opt for. Other than that, the customers can also give their specific requirements to create custom patches that suits their typical needs.

Why Choose

As an experienced patch maker, provides high-quality, well-conceived, and skillfully designed flower patches that will strike a chord with your audience. We are the partners that businessesand individuals trust to churn out flower patchespreciselythe way they envisioned, if not better.


We have been in the business of bringing custom designs to life for decades,and we know the best way to do it. There is no challenge that can surprise us today because we know everything there is to know about patches and have the latest technology to realize complex creations. We have the experience to deliver the task and quality, as promised every single time.

Skilled Designers

We pride ourselves in the designers we hire. They are the masters of their craft and will design a breathtaking flower patch for you. This design and the final colored proof is delivered by mail, free of cost.

Quick Delivery

The complete cycle that starts with you ordering the flower patch to the final delivery of the finished product is over in a matter of 10 days.

No Minimum Order Quantity

The best part is that we provide the same high-quality service for the same affordable price for all orders including patches, lapel pins, PVC patches andlanyardsorders. So, don’t worry about how many custom patches you need, you will always get the best price.

Customer Service

We offer unlimited revisions. So, you only pay for the patches you love, nothing less. Be assured that will always provide you the best product for the most affordable rates. That’s a service promise.

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