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Hells Angels Patches

Hells Angels Patches

Hells Angels MC is one of the most exclusive motorcycle clubs in the world and membership to the club is highly coveted. There are many Hells Angels club chapters around the globe, including in countries like Canada, Australia, the UK, and of course, the US. Being a member of this exclusive club is a matter of pride for the outlaw bikers. After all, Hells Angels is one of the Big 4 outlaw motorcycle clubs in the world. Naturally, the members express their pride by displaying their membership to the club with Hells Angels patches on their shirts, jackets, jeans, and in other creative ways.

The History of Hells Angels and Its Patches

Some people may have questions about the originality of Hells Angels Clubs and what is the hells angels patches meaning to us? Here is the answer.

Hells Angels is the informal name of the biker club that is officially known as Hells Angels Motorcycle Club. It is one of the oldest one-per center motorcycle clubs and was formed as early as 1948. Since then, the club has expanded into several chapters in many countries worldwide. Hells Angels patches are the primary way in which the members proclaim their allegiance to the exclusive club. There are many different versions of theHells Angels patches that signify vastly different things from the status of the biker sporting the patches to their local chapters.

Depending on their proclivity, Hells Angels bikers can sport different versions of the custom patches, such as the Death Head patch, one-percenter patch, HA patch, and so on. The HA patch is usually worn by bikers who have friends in the Hells Angels club. This is one of the most common patchsported by people who are not members of the club.

What Makes Hells Angels Patches Special?

The Legendary Story Behind Hells Angels Patches

Everything about the Hells Angels club, its members, and its patches, all stand for death-defying heroics. The origin of Hells Angels goes way back to World War I and II. At the time, a number of American squadrons, elite groups, and fighting groups were known by the name of Hells Angels. Although it’s not clear who or when the name was conceptualized, many historians point out to the Howard Hughes film, “Hell’s Angels” as the inspiration for the trend. The movie was a sensational hit and displayed extraordinary heroics. And, so came to be the inspiration for soldier groups in the US military.

Considering the rich history of heroics that span across decades, Hells Angels enjoys a legendary status even among the military circles. Once the biker gangs embraced the legend, there was no stopping it. Multiple Hells Angels club chapters sprouted across the US, often unaware of each other’s’ existence.

Create Brotherhood that Binds Members Together

If there is one thing that binds all the members of the various chapters of the club, it is the brotherhood that they share among themselves. Hells Angels patches celebrate this brotherhood. They signify a bond of trust, loyalty to each other, and mutual respect. Therefore, Hells Angels patches are highly revered among the members of the club.

Different Types of Hells Angels Patches

There are not many varieties of Hells Angels patches. As they are designed to showcase the allegiance of the biker to their club, it’s essential that the patches be easily recognizable, even if they are custom patches. In most cases, the difference between the variousHells Angels patches is more functional than aesthetic. Here’s a quick overview of the different Hells Angels patches:

Rectangular Patches

This is the most common type of Hells Angels patch that bikers love to sport. It has a white background, which offers a clean contrast for red letters that adorn the patch. The red lettering states the club’s chapter location. Of course, there is a death head symbol in the center of it all. If you look for Hells Angels patches for sale, this is perhaps the most common patch you’ll come across out there.

AFFA Patches

The AFFA stands for Angels Forever, Forever Angels. It symbolizes the lifelong connection that Hells Angels members enjoy with the club. As they say, once you are a Hells Angel, you are a Hells Angel for life.

4 Patch Pack

This is not a single patch. It is actually made of four different patches that are part of one bigger logo. This logo is the most definitive Hells Angels patch. The reason for this is that only full-patch members of the club have the permission to wear all four pieces of the Hells Angels official patch. The first patch that forms the logo is the death head patch. A Death Head Patch sits at the center of the logo. The death head is often a skull sitting on two bones that form an X. The skull is usually looking slightly in the left direction. When you search for Hells Angels Death Head patch for sale, this is the most common design that you’ll encounter. However, there are many variants of the death head.

Then there is the top rocker patch that showcases the words “Hells Angels”, and a bottom rocker patch that displays the chapter of the club. Lastly, there is a small match with letters “MC”, which stands for motorcycle. The four of them together make up the official Hells Angels patch.

Choose GS-JJ to Buy Your Hells Angels Patches

Hells Angels patches are a symbol of heritage. They represent strong brotherhood who shares a passion for bikes. Therefore, the cheap patches that express this shared bond must be timeless and unmatched in quality. Only we,, can deliver that superior quality. Here’s how:

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