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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Championship Patches Maker
Championship Patches Maker
Championship Patches Maker in 2.51'' diameter.
Spider Web Custom Patches
Spider Web Custom Patches
Spider Web Custom Patches with 75% coverage.
Tony Ito Custom Patches
Tony Ito Custom Patches
Tony Ito Custom Patches in 4 inch diameter.with 75% Embroidery
GAASTRA Custom Patches
GAASTRA Custom Patches
GAASTRA Custom Patches is unique, with 50% Embroidery.
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Custom Service Dog Patches

What Are Service Dog Patches?

Patches are not just items of fashion. They have functional benefits too. They are used for recognizing the achievements of not just the humans, but their best friends too. Service dogs accompany military personnel on duty and persons with disabilities.

They can usually be seen with service dog vest patches that carry medical equipment or other functional essentials. Also, they almost always wear dog vest patches, which can go on any of these accessories.

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Fabrication Options for Custom Iron On Patches

Embroidery Coverage
Embroidery Backing
Embroidery Border
Loop / Thread Color Options
50 embroidered patches
50% Embroidered Patches
75 embroidered patches
75% Embroidered Patches
100 embroidered patches
100% Embroidered Patches
no backing
No Backing
iron on
Iron On
velcro hook backing
Velcro Hook Backing
velcro loop backing
Velcro Loop Backing
double velcro backing
Double Velcro Backing
safety pin
Safety Pin
laser cut
Laser Cut
heat cut
Heat Cut
Button Loop
Button Loop
Gold Color Metallic Thread
Gold Color Metallic Thread
silver color metallic thread
Silver Color Metallic Thread
glow in the dark thread
Glow in the Dark Thread
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Types of Custom Dog Patches

There are various types of dog patches in circulation today. You can get service dog Velcro patches or get them sewed on. With a long-lasting hook and loop fastener, Velcro patches work best if you need to change the dog vest harness regularly. There are many types of service dog patches for vests available. Depending on your specific needs, you may require different types of dog patches.

Types of Service Dog Patches
Working Dog Patches
This is one of the most common types of service dog patches. Working dog patches come with large and legible letters that inform people of the status of the dog. If dogs are in the field as part of their training, they usually wear service dogs in training patches. As the dog is trained or is being trained to be a service dog, it should only be petted by the permission of the human accompanying it. It is not a family dog or a pet.
Support Dog Patches
Support dog patches are used widely by the military personnel undergoing treatment for anxiety-related conditions like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). PTSD service dogs do not distract attention. They just accompany them and provide emotional support. It can keep the patient calm and make them feel comforted. Service dog vest patches are also used by disabled men to help them perform everyday tasks. The dog patches make sure that the dogs’ owners get the necessary access, attention, and assistance at all times.
Medical Alert Dog Patches
Service dog patches are also important for Seizure Alert Dogs, Diabetic Alert Dogs, or other kinds of medical alert dogs. These patches convey to the people in the vicinity that the dog is barking or behaving oddly for a reason. In case their owner is in trouble, these service dog patches also give out the name, the address, and the emergency assistance that the human needs.
Custom Service Dog Patches
Apart from these broad categories, there are many other types of custom patches that are available today. These patches can carry the name of the organization or the non-profit that the dog is from. Any embroidered patches or loop patches are available. Each organization or individual with a service dog can have its funny service custom patches made for their dogs. But they should mind that vest should always clearly and accurately convey the primary function of the service dog.

Why Choose GS-JJ.com?

Service dog patches serve a vital function. Their message should be simple and easy to understand. At GS-JJ.com, we have worked with multiple clients to create patches of all kinds, including cute service dog patches, Embroidered Patches, Name Patches, Sport Patches, US Army Patches, and so on. Here is how we have exceeded our clients’ expectations every single time.

Years of Experience

Years of Experience

We have years of experience in creating patches. No matter what kind of patch, design or technique you have in mind, we have done it before.

Highest Quality

Highest Quality

We completely understand the critical purpose of the service dog patches we design. We offer you the best quality that will last you for years.

Best Prices

Best Price

Despite the premium quality we provide, we manage to offer you cheap service dog patches, thanks to our direct factory prices.

Exceptional Support

Exceptional Support

Throughout the process, we are always happy to hear from you, address your concerns, and make as many revisions as required to deliver you perfection.

The Purpose of Service Dog Patches

Service dogs work relentlessly to assist human beings. They also work with the police and the military officials in search and rescue operations. They also assist individuals with disabilities. Custom service dog patches are only meant to be used on the vest and harnesses of these dogs. They serve the following crucial purposes.

Service Dog

【1】Distinguish Them

Service dog patches distinguish service dogs from regular pets. This is extremely important for people to know that service dogs are trained for a particular purpose. Patch service is to remind people that they can’t continuously pet them. That might cause hindrance to their tasks.

Provide Assistance when travel

【2】Handy During Travel

According to the Americans With Disabilities Act, service dogs can accompany you wherever you go. Some flights even allow service dogs to travel free with their owners. Service dog Velcro patches inform everyone around you of the dog’s status that makes it easier for you to travel with them.

Provide Assistance for Solders

【3】 Critical for Assistance

If a service dog accompanying you starts barking around you, the working service dog patches will tell people that you need immediate assistance. Usually, they come with clear instructions for people to understand what to do in such critical situations. This could save your life.

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