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Sons Of Anarchy Patches
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Sons of Anarchy Patches

Bikers love their patches and why wouldn’t they? Patches make a statement. They speak a lot about the biker without them even uttering a word. The fact that all those patches have been carefully curated over the years only adds more value to them. Sons of Anarchy patches are among the most popular custom patches out there. The TV show might have ended, but it has left a glorious legacy behind. Just like the bikers today, each of the characters on the show wore custom patches that showcased their unique style. And it was these Sons of Anarchy patches that told a lot about them even before they delivered a dialogue on the show.

What Makes Sons of Anarchy Patches Special?

The Sons of Anarchy series aired from 2008 to 2014. The show immortalized the motorcycle gang that was established way back in 1967. During the time of its airing and the years since the show has garnered a cult fan following. Today, the fan club includes not just bikers, but everyone who loves quality crime drama. The show has created a powerful aura around the club and its members, and showcased their shared “outlaw” identity. It was a huge hit, and the club celebrates their legacy in their own way. Most notably, sons of anarchy jackets and sons of anarchy vest with patches are a proud way of carrying on this legacy. Apart from this, the sons of anarchy patch meanings are often more complex.


The Sons of Anarchy Motorcycle Club was established in Charming California. However, there are a total of 28 chapters of this club worldwide. Each club customizes its sons of anarchy patches to indicate the chapter to which its member belongs. For instance, members of the California chapter of the club have California written on their patch prominently. Likewise, members of the Texas chapter of the club have Texas written on their patches.


Every sons of anarchy patch has a symbolic value that reflects the status of the person styling it. From the presidents of the club’s local chapter to the prospective members of the club, everyone can wear a sons of anarchy patch that indicates their position in the group. They are not allowed to jump hierarchies and wear patches that they have not “earned”. Therefore, sons of anarchy patches of higher levels are a badge of honor for their owners.


Some sons of anarchy patches come with official duties. For instance, a Secretary Patch is awarded to the member who keeps a record of the meetings and the points of discussion during those meetings. Similarly, Treasurer Patch is awarded to the member who collects monthly fees and manages the club money.

Sons of anarchy patches are valuable because their club members value their owners, and share a deep respect for a common worldview.

Different Types of Sons of Anarchy Patches

There are many different types of sons of anarchy patches out there and here are the most popular ones.

First 9 Patch

This patch is super-special because there are only nine of them and they are exclusive. Why? Because these belonged only to the first 9 members, the original ones who created Sons of Anarchy in the first place.

President Patch

This patch belonged to the top dog. It had to be earned. It was awarded to the reigning President of the Sons of Anarchy chapter. Likewise, there’s another patch titled ‘V. President’ which is awarded to the reigning Vice President of the chapter.

Sergent-at-Arms Patch

Call him the President’s core line of defence or the one that everyone fears. This patch is awarded to the member who makes Sons of Anarchy one organism. It belongs to the person who disciplines all the members of the group. He is the thread that keeps them together.

Road Captain Patch

This is for the shepherd in the Sons of Anarchy. He charts out the routes the group will follow while riding and has to make sure that the road they take is completely safe.

Men of Mayhem Patch

Men of Mayhem patch, although not awarded to any official heads, is one of the more formidable custom patches even among the club members. Any member who sports this patch is officially the Bad Boy, and everyone knows that they shouldn’t cross them ever.

Grim Reaper Patch

Grim reaper patches are a popular choice for the back of the jackets. If you ever come across a sons of anarchy vest with patches, the chances are that it will feature the grim reaper. Any member of the club can wear the grim reaper patch.

Prospect Patch

When a biker applies for the membership of a club and the club recognizes that the biker is worthy of the association, they are initially awarded a Prospect Patch. They will later be sworn in as the full-time member if and when they prove themselves worthy of the membership.

Why Choose GS-JJ For Your Sons of Anarchy Patches?

Sons of Anarchy club is not a fleeting trend. It has a legacy that spans more than half a century and is only going stronger with time. Therefore, the sons of anarchy patches must be as durable and lasting as the very club itself. The owners of each of these embroidered patches command respect among their peers, and therefore, the quality of these custom patches should be worthy of that respect. Here’s why you can trust only to deliver that quality:

Our Legacy is Rich Too

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We don’t make low quality, cheap patches that come off or wear out by the next season. We make supreme quality patches. Our affordable prices are a product of elimination of the middlemen. We make to order and send it directly to you.

Free Shipping

That’s right. Every order you place with us comes with the promise of free shipping. You never have to pay a cent more than the price of your custom patch.

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