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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Big Round Embroidered Patches
Big Round Embroidered Patches
Big Round Embroidered Patches are covered with 100% embroidery.
Green Hands Embroidered Patches
Green Hands Embroidered Patches
Green Hands Embroidered Patches with 100% custom coverage and merrowed border.
Navajo Custom Velcro Patches No Minimum
Navajo Custom Velcro Patches No Minimum
Navajo Custom Velcro Patches No Minimum 100% embroidery.
Elegant Crown Embroidered Patches
Elegant Crown Embroidered Patches
Elegant Crown Embroidered Patches size in 2.5 inch
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Vintage Patches

Vintage patches evoke a sense of deep nostalgia and togetherness that is warm, sweet, and refreshing. That’s why vintage patches are more than just a fashion statement. They represent shared experiences, shared love, and often solidarity for a common cause or belief. There is history, there is love, and there is a celebration of something that can date back to many decades.

What are Vintage Patches?

Vintage patches have their origin in history. They are remnants or commemorative patches of an event, movement, trend, mission, adventure, or something that goes way back into the past. Some vintage embroidered patches have their origins in the World War II era, and some even before then. From the more recent times, there are vintage patches that celebrate the counterculture of the 1970s. Vintage pieces are more than just a piece of art. They are souvenirs, memorabilia of an era gone by.

Popular Vintage Patches Features

Vintage patches hold emotional value for many people. The reason is that they are often inherited, an heirloom passed through generations. However, in most cases, they have a symbolic value for people, even though they are not inherited. Perhaps, they feel part of a movement, or love to reminisce on the past times. Some people love the fact that ir parents belonged to something important in the past and wish to carry on that legacy in their own small way. In other words, vintage patches are lasting souvenirs. So, they must be high quality and durable. To achieve this, vintage patches generally showcase 2important features:

· Embroidery

Vintage embroidered patches typically showcase the eclectic embroidery that is characterized by a brilliant mix of colors. In particular, the ‘70s counterculture vintage embroidered patches are known for their floral patterns, rainbow colors, and other representations that celebrate the earth and nature. However, there is no rule that vintage embroidered patches should have floral designs.

· Ironing On

Vintage iron on patches are extra-stiff, and this usually adds character to them. In addition, vintage iron on patches are a permanent addition to your jeans, jacket, or anything else you patch them on. The use of a strong adhesive ensures that.

Types of Vintage Patches

When it comes to vintage patches, there are as many options as there is history. Whether you want vintage patches that are symbolic of the ‘50s, ‘60s, ‘70s, or any one of your favorite decades, the options are virtually limitless. But, there’s more to vintage patches than just the timelines. Here are the different types of vintage patches based on the value they offer and the aspect they celebrate.

1. Vintage Motorcycle Patches

You probably guessed this. Vintage motorcycle patches were popularized by the Harley Davidson enthusiasts. Therefore, the vintage Harley Davidson patches are quite an American treasure as far as Harley lovers are concerned. They feature various symbols associated with Harley Davidson sub-culture like the American Bald Eagle, the American Flag, the Harley Davidson logo, and more.

Apart from these, there are many other motorcycle subcultures surrounding different brands and they all have customized vintage motorcycle patches that celebrate their brand history.

2. Vintage Military Patches

Soldiers and officers who were part of special missions were often awarded military patches that signified their participation in those missions. Sometimes, they were awarded custom patches by their units or even battalions.

Over the years, numerous such military patches have been awarded. However, some of them have gained more value over time than the others. Either because of the importance or high profile nature of the missions, the patches awarded to the soldiers who were part of those missions became extremely valuable. Today, these vintage military patches hold immense value for history buffs, army buffs, and others who know about or were part of those missions.

3. Space Vintage Patches

On many of its missions, NASA awarded its crew what came to be known as Crew Patches. These crew patches signified the participation of a person – an engineer, a ground staff, or the astronaut – in a particular space mission. In particular, the crew patches that were awarded to the actual astronauts are regarded as the definitive crew patch and have immense value for their owner as well as for collectors. Naturally, when someone puts these vintage patches for sale, they sell like hot cakes or attract huge bids at auctions.

4. Cultural Vintage Patches

Some vintage patches are symbolic of the era during which they originated. For instance, the vintage patches from the early 1960s typically represent the counterculture. Likewise, the vintage patches from the late 1960s represent the hippie culture. Similarly, there are vintage patches that celebrate the pop culture of different eras.

5. Vintage Boy Scout Patches

The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) was founded in 1910. Over the course of more than a century of its illustrious history, the organization has had 110 million Americans as its members – good upstanding citizens with high moral code. To celebrate the achievements of its members, the organization has often awarded them with patches. Some of these date back to the early 48th century and the original vintage Boy Scout patches are treasured by the collectors.

Why Choose Us?

GS-JJ has been the proud designer and maker of some of the most cherished vintage patches out there. We have a long history of producing high-quality vintage patches for sale that are worthy of the memories they evoke or the cause they represent. Here’s how we have delivered excellence over the years:

1. Outstanding Designers

It doesn’t matter how complex, intricate, or challenging your vintage patch idea is, our designers will bring it to life.

2. Premium Quality Assured

The materials, the dyes, the threads, and everything else we use have been handpicked meticulously produce the finest quality vintage patches, and it reflects in the final work.

3. Affordable

We believe that high quality should be the norm; not a luxury. Therefore, our prices are incredibly affordable, despite the superior quality of our production.

And If you are interested in other custom patches, such asgirl scout patches, security patches, custom velcro patches, letterman patches, service dog patches, chenille patches, GS-JJ.com also do it.

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