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Custom Plastic Signs

There are so many varieties and types of custom signs in the world today. They all serve a fundamental purpose in their capacity. The custom made signs are of various kinds, among which the most common ones are custom plastic signs.

The fact that custom plastic signs are simple to come up with could be perhaps one of the reasons they have gained so much popularity. They are found almost everywhere especially on doors. Just as the name indicates, custom plastic signs are made from the plastic material. Plastic is well known for its characteristic of plasticity, which is the general property of all materials that can deform irreversibly without breaking but, in the class of moldable polymers. Plastics have numerous advantages, such as low cost, ease of production, flexibility, and imperviousness to water. Thus, plastics can be used in a multitude of products, including custom signs. Through the years, custom made plastic signs have gained increased popularity due to its irreplaceable advantages. Here we are going to talk about t the advantages of custom plastic signs.

Advantages of Custom Plastic Signs

Economical Pricing

Making certain types of signs might cost you a fortune, for example, custom metal signs. However, things have changed when it comes to custom plastic signs. You can get cheap and versatile signs made from plastics for a fraction of the cost of other types of custom signs. For people with a tight budget or for those who don’t want to spend too much on signs, signs made of plastics are what they pursuit since these are maybe one of the cheapest among all the other signs. However, do not associate cheap price with inferior quality. Custom made plastic signs actually have unbeatable quality.

Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Activities

One thing worth mentioning about custom plastic signs is that plastic signs can be utilized for both indoor and outdoor activities. Plastic signs are very lightweight when compared with other signage materials. That means they can be carried away without difficulty and you can mount custom plastic signs anywhere according to your needs. Whether under inside or outside environments, custom plastic signs can withstand the weather and last for years with proper care and maintenance.

You can install your plastic signs in the yard so that everyone passing by your yard can see them. Indoor applications are also available, for instance, hanging plastic signs from the ceilings, sticking them on the walls or windows.


Custom plastic signs are versatile. As if it is a magic item, the plastic sign can be bent in any directions and almost all the degrees without breaking. That’s why many people choose plastic signs over other types of custom signs. A wild variety of marking methods can be used when creating custom plastic signs, among which custom engraved plastic signs are the most frequently used ones.

The Common Uses of Plastic Signs

There are many different ways that custom plastic signs can be of use. Here are a few suggestions on how to employ plastic signs.

Gaining Customers for Restaurants

Well-designed plastic signage is one of the first and most convincing ways to bring new customers to a restaurant. Just add your special meal and discount on the windows of the restaurant. It is of the high possibility that customers may raise interest once they see these signs.

For Sale by House Owner

If you do not have much confidence over real estate agents to sell your house, why not try it yourself? You can benefit from plastic signs if you make good use of it. Purchasing a plastic selling sign and installing it in your yard so that people who desire to buy your house can easily get into contact with you. In this way, selling your house without the help of a real estate agent becomes a reality.

Congratulations Decoration

Besides the practical uses of plastic signs mentioned above, it is worth noting that custom plastic signs can be a decoration for many occasions of celebrations as well. Proud parents can celebrate their children’s graduations by decorating the living room with plastic signs. Or, they can use custom plastic signs to show direction for the guests who attend their sons or daughters’ graduation parties.

Types of Custom Plastic Signs

Plastics are of various types, among which many of the types can be utilized as custom signs. Due to its features of versatility, different colors and easy to be cut or bent, many companies choose this particular material to make signs. Custom plastic signs can be roughly divided into the following catalogs:

Custom Printed Plastic Signs

In order to keep the integrity of the images, many customers probably will choose custom printed plastic signs. The high definition printing gives the custom plastic signs photographic like quality and vibrant colors. By using high-class printers, your custom printed signs will preserve superior details. Customers and soon-to-be customers will have a good impression of your company once they see the best possible custom signs of your company. That is to say, custom printed plastic signs, which partially represent your business and business image, indicating whether the clients can put trust in your company or not. Custom printed plastic signs are suitable for large-scale productions. However, it is a bit difficult to print text or logo on the plastic surface, despite their vibrant colors. So, custom engraved plastic signs can make up for the drawbacks.

Custom Engraved Plastic Signs

Custom engraved plastic signs have taken the lead in plastic signs. Because it is not easy to keep a printed text on the plastic signs, it becomes easy for those that are engraved and text written with a different color. Many companies manufacture engraved signs because of the fact that customer engraved signs can be personalized to fit specifications for ADA compliance. The text or logo can be engraved onto the surface of the plastic using laser. Custom engraved plastic signs can be applied to almost any case and situation, whether outdoor or indoor.

Besides those two types mentioned above, custom plastic signs have many other varieties, such as custom hard plastic signs or custom corrugated plastic signs.

Why Choose GS-JJ?

There are many providers for custom plastic signs across the globe. Some can be found online, while others you can just meet them physically. In all of them, there are some standards they must meet.

To begin with, they should provide cheap custom signs online of the highest quality and standards. Then excellent customer service is also needed. This is where GS-JJ comes in as the best for custom signs providers in the industry. It has a full selection of custom signs, including custom street signs, custom wood signs, custom yard signs and custom parking signs. As a company with skillful designers and responsible service team, GS-JJ has been trusted by many customers around the world. And the company is doing everything to maintain customers’ trust.

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