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Custom Road Signs

Having signs on the road carries so much weight today. Those who don’t use roads a lot may not be aware of the importance and impact of these signs. Custom road signs are used in many places and for different purposes. You will not miss them if you set to drive anywhere especially o long distances.

There are those who may just know these customized signs are supposed to be on the road but they don’t pause to ask what they really stand for. This means, they just see them as any other part of the road, or some scenery to gaze at. That should not be the case though as there is too much to custom road signs than meets the eye.

Custom Road Signs and Colors

Have you ever wondered why specific colors will be chosen for a specific road sign? Or have you ever realized this while driving on the road? Each sign will bear a different color depending on what it is supposed to show.

Customized road signs come in so many colors and if you don’t understand them, it becomes hard to interpret the signs. This is a must-know for a custom road sign maker.

Colors generally carry different meanings but that is just in normal daily life. Things might be a bit different when looking at customized signs. Under normal circumstances, for example, red may mean love, sometimes it means danger. For these custom made signs, a red sign simply means you will have stopped.

Cautions signs on the other hand are yellow while construction signs are orange. To some, these signs have been embedded in their daily routine since they were young until they have grasped them.

To others, however, they have no idea about the existence of these colors so they keep guessing what they might be.

They simply become a normal thing for them to just consider the signs and not the colors. They don’t know the factors that go into identifying the colors, shapes and sizes of the colors.

There are three classifications of colors generally, warm, cool and neutral. Each of the categories has its specific use and application. Warm colors for example are used to generate a strong sense of emotions and road signs follow the same guidelines.

Let us look at some of these colors individually to determine what they mean.

Red Custom Road Signs

If you find a road sign commanding you to do something or not to do it, there are many chances; the sign has a red color. This means that custom road signs made with red color are command signs that let you follow a certain strict directive.

For example, the “stop”, “yield” and “Do Not Enter” signs are all made with red colors. You will find entirely used red color or sometimes red color with the text in white. Most customized signs on the road representing the meaning of warning are made with red colors and that is just to say red means danger to some extent.

Orange and Yellow

Have you ever come across custom reflective road signs that show hazards? It could be permanent or temporary ones but they are made with caution in mind.

Take an example of custom road signs for construction sites; they use temporary cautions signs which are orange with text written in black. Permanent hazards on the other hand use black text on a yellow sign. This mix of colors increase readability and enhance maximum visibility. For most custom vintage road signs the most important message was always placed on a yellow sign to ensure visibility throughout the day and night.

A report from Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices indicates that there was no application of orange color until 1964. Orange was introduced when there were increased road constructions through the world, hence the need for increased visibility. And until now, you will always find orange in the construction sites. It has become the standard color for these temporary hazard zones while yellow continues to hold permanent hazards.

Yellow can be found on road signs where people are supposed to cross the road for instance.

Green, Blue and White

Custom road signs are also made with green, blue and white colors. There is some kind of information on the road that could be considered less crucial. Meaning, the sign does not have an immediate influence on the action of the motorist. This color is used because it does not have to command the attention of the road user.

If you have ever noticed, universal exit and directional signs are made with green colors. They simply mean the information is contingent on the action of the driver. The blue color on the other hand indicates rest areas and restaurants. People put them on the road to indicate turning to a parking zone or any area that does not necessarily require the attention of the driver.

The brown color also carries its own significance. It indicates a location for outdoor recreation and related activity zones.

Black and White

It is almost certain everyone knows what these custom design signs stand for when it comes to custom road signs. If you find any custom aluminum road signs, for example, the point is simply clear. In most cases black and white colors are advisory, they give motorists information indicating their speeds and indicate an area with potential upcoming hazards.

Advisory signs in most cases have white backing with text in black. The intention is to advise drivers without necessarily causing any form of distraction. They are plain and visible for this very reason.

Signs that warn on the speed limit, movement signs, one-way signs and railroad crossing are black and white exclusively and nothing can change about that.


Custom road signs for sale must meet the highest quality standards like those offered by GS-JJ Company. They are the best choice for designing all signs including custom street signs, custom wood signs and custom parking signs free of charge. Using road signs brings discipline on the road and GS-JJ makes cheap custom signs with this in mind. Apart from this, you get free designs and the most amazing customer care services.

If you are putting up road signs, the right colors will serve the purpose better and you won’t cause any problem for motorists. The colors have evolved greatly too and most have changed their use, but what matters is their current application.

Come and order our custom signs online if you are interested.

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