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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Custom Medals In 24 Hrs of GS-JJ

24 hours custom medals is a special customized channel provided by for customers, which can provide quick customized medal services for customers who need to customize medals urgently. No matter what situation you are in, you need fast medal customization. You only need to select a close template based on our existing templates, design and place an order. We will send the customized medals to the customer within 24 hours.

GS-JJ is a gift customization company with more than 20 years of experience. It is very perfect and mature in the production process of medals. We can not only provide customized medals for single craft, but also make 2 or more crafts combo medals. Whether you order one custom medal or 100 medals, our 24-hour custom channel can order. Please select the medal template to start custom medal design online.

Read Availability of 24hour Production

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  • About The Craft of Custom Medals

    Printed Custom Medals Fast

    Custom Medal with No Frills

    Custom Medal with No Frills is a fixed shape and size with a smooth surface. A variety of designed medal logos, text and patterns can be printed on the smooth surface. In addition to the limitations of shape and size, the design of medal can be designed according to customer requirements.


    2D Enamel Frill Custom Medals

    2D enamel frill custom medals are also embellished with an edge engraved with the design of enamel as a decoration effect of the medal. This kind of edge decoration is more colorful and gorgeous than the 3D or cutout edge. The requirements for design are relatively higher, especially in the color matching of design drawings.


    Custom Medals with 2D Enamel Frill
    Custom Medals WITH 3D Frill

    3D or Cutout Frill Medals

    The edge effect of 3D or cutout frill medals is three-dimensional and vivid, and the pattern can enhance the texture of the medals. This type of medals will leave a blank area in the middle that can print the medal design. This shape of medal belongs to the combination of 3D or cutout process and printing process, and its effect is prominent and personalized.


    Options of Medals

    Backing Options

    Our customized medal no minimum also provides two kinds of processes on the back: one is the printing process, which is suitable for the medal with color requirements on the back; the other is laser engraving, which is suitable for carving simple company name or logo.

    Laser Engraving

    Laser Engraving


    Exist Forever & not easily wear
    A high-end back effect




    No color restrictions
    print more complex patterns

    Ribbon Options

    We have a wide selection of medal ribbons, which you can choose according to your needs.


    24-Hours Workflow

    24 hours process

    1. Design

    Select the template, add the idea theme and logo of medal to the template, and complete the design.

    2. Order & Confirm Design

    Choose the craft, accessories, quantity of the medal and pay. We will receive the design for precise adjustment, let the customer confirm.

    3. Production

    After the customer approved the design, arrange the production, inspection and delivery.

    Customize Medals

    Recommed Quality 24 Hours Products

    High quality with lowest price
    Fast production time within 24 hours
    It is a great choice for complex designs and gradient colors , easily show all details with clearly appearance
    Fast production time within 24 hours
    Quick and professional design system
    Produced by advanced printing technology, excellent quality and lowest price

    Advantages of 24-hours Custom Medals

    save time

    1. Save Time

    Customized medals usually take 15-20 days to produce and ship. However, some customers will encounter the activity time tension, they need the custom medals fast. GS-JJ 24-hours medal is designed for such customers. We can finished custom medals within 24 hours and delivery.

    no moq

    2. No limit on Order Quantity

    Usually, medals need to be moulded and then produced. The expensive cost of mould opening makes the factory limit the starting quantity of medals. GS-JJ can make medals for customers without the cost of mold opening, so customers can order small quantity custom medals.


    3.Price Preference

    In general, 24-hour expedited production requires additional urgent fees. GS-JJ has reduced the 24-hour making fee to the maximum extent for customers, and the biggest cost is the mold fee. So customers can customize the medals in their own budget.

    Not Only 24 hours Medals

    More Type Custom Medals

    Military Medals

    Military Medals are usually used as a reward for military personnel or to commemorate the medals used. Military badges are generally a serious and awesome image.Encourage and reward your soldiers and customize our military medals

    Fiesta Medals

    The Fiesta  Medal celebrates our wonderful and traditional event. Food, concert, juggling and other types of carnival medals are designed for free, with high-end and exquisite craftsmanship. Awards are given to performers for outstanding events.

    Graduation Medals

    The Graduation Medal awards outstanding students to the school. Our graduation medals are tailor-made for all types of school medals. Here you can create unique custom reward badges for your students as special rewards.

    Soccer Medals

    Customize medals for upcoming football matches. Various types of craft choices, free fast-cooking online design, exquisite and beautiful football custom medals, let athletes feel what they are working hard to achieve.

    More Medals Types

    Frequently Asked Questions

    • What shapes are available for printing medals?

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