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Commemorative Custom Pins
Commemorative Custom Pins
1" 3D cast / cut out lapel pins, die struck with antique brass finish.
Actaeonulysses Lapel Pins
Actaeonulysses Lapel Pins
0.75”Soft enamel pins, die struck with gold finish.
Angel's Bottle Custom Pins
Angel's Bottle Custom Pins
0.8" 3D Cast / Cut Out Pins, die struck with silver finish.
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Angel Pins
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 Use our unique design system to take full charge of your artwork. Be your own designer!

 Our cutting-edge system allows layering, rotation, scaling, and adding and recoloring elements! 

 Add, recolor, and stylize text. We have many text effects to choose from!

 Take pride in giving out pins you created yourself!

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Lapel Pins

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 Our award-winning team of professional designers can help with your design or create one for you!

 We have many years of experience and over 30,000 satisfied customers!

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Lapel Pins

Angel Pins

What Are Angel Pins?

Angel pins are lapel pins that showcase some sort of religion. You'll find guardian angel pins, angel lapel pins, angel wings pins, custom lapel pins, enamel pins, and other pins that showcase angels on them. The main reason to wear this sort of angel pins is that you are a religious person or you just like the image of an angel in general.

Here are many different designs when it comes to angel pins. These pins may have a small saying on them with a picture of an angel on them. The pins might depict a certain scripture from the bible for example, or any other wording and then a picture of an angel. You may also find guardian angel pins which represent an image of a guardian angel. There are many different pins that you can buy which depict angels. These pins can be used for various ceremonies, worn when you go to church, or worn it any other time when you wish to wear angel pins.

These pins can be worn by both men and women and they are perfect option to wear with any sort of fashion. They are small enough and don't take up a whole lot of room on your clothing. When shopping for an angel lapel pin you'll find plenty of different pins to choose from.

History of Angel Pins

Lapel pins are quite old and go back a very long time. Angel lapel pins or guardian angel pins are just one example of different lapel pins that you can buy. These custom pins can represent brands, political parties, military affiliation, musical artists, and any other group or organization that you have an affiliation to or it just might be a hobby or something else that you enjoy.

lapel pins go back to ancient Egypt around 1800 BC. We can trace the beginning of lapel pins to this time. Egyptians started a process that we refer to as enameling. They created inlays and various items using this enameling process. Many of these enameled items can be found in ancient tombs that have been uncovered.

In ancient Greece around 600 years later, they began to use powdered glass to create various items. They refined the process which we know as an enamel today. They created many different designs with castling and are very colourful. The items they made were made from this sturdy glass. In ancient China, they began to refine in the enamel process and refined these items to a higher degree. They created quite a few different items using the enamel process including jewelry.

In today's world, we can find many different lapel pins including angel wings pin and other lapel pin. These items are very popular with individuals and they are worn on clothing to showcase individual style and personality and are often used as a decoration or to show affiliation for various groups.

How to Choose Angel Pins

The type of Angel lapel pin that you get is going to be up to you. You have your own unique tastes, style, and preferences when it comes to angel pins, guardian angel pins, and other pins. When out shopping, you will find a wide range of pins in the current marketplace. There are a lot of choices, so you should be able to find something that suits all of your needs. If you find it difficult to locate an angel lapel pin that works for you, then you might decide to go with custom lapel pins.

If you decide to go with custom lapel pins, you can have something made that suits your individual needs. For example, you might be a religious person and want a certain angel pins in bulk made that represents an angel. You might want a pin that has a certain religious saying, or part of a scripture from the bible in addition to an image of an angel or any other image for your lapel pin. You have much more choices when you decide to get a custom lapel pin produced for you. When you go to custom route, you can decide on the design, images, names, styles, and any other features of the lapel pin or angel lapel pin that you decide on.

Purchase Angle Pins at, as an professional lapel pin maker, offers a wide range of guardian angel pins, angel pins, and other lapel pins to suit your individual style in need. They have small angel lapel pins, angel wing pins, and other pins that you can have created. Other items can be created such as belt buckles, keychains, and many more small items. The pins that you get from them will be very durable and it will last a long time. You can have this angel lapel pin or other lapel pin made to your exact specifications and requirements. All you need to do is to submit your design options and the pin will then be created. You can decide on the images, sayings, names, pictures, or anything else that you want with your angel lapel pin or other lapel pin and the design will be finalized and sent back to you for approval. Once you approve the lapel pin, it will be sent to you and you will receive your new lapel pin in just a few days in the mail. cares about their customers and they produce a wide range of angel lapel pins and other lapel pin to suit your needs. You just need the image, sayings, or anything else you want for your angel lapel pin and they will create it for you. The angel lapel pins that they create have fine detail and they can make the lapel pin to your exact needs and requirements. If you're looking for a guardian angel lapel pin, angel lapel pin or any other lapel pin, they can make these for you and everything will be shipped to you quickly once you finalize and approve the design that they have created for you.

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    Custom Pins Hots, No.1: Designing System Online that Professional Pin Manufacture Tools, No 2: Automated Quotation System for Custom Pins, you can easy to Select what your Lapel Pins needs online. Custom Enamel Pins Cheapest price Guarantee and No Minimum

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