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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Finding answers to your questions about customization and resolving your concerns promptly.

We also offer you the fastest route to get a thorough understanding of the customization sizes, options, PMS colors, and embroidery thread colors...

Privacy Policy
Privacy Policy
Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions


Custom Lanyards Options

If you order your custom lanyards  by using our AUTOMATED QUOTATION SYSTEM, you will appear a lot of questions for each option. GS-JJ lists all standard options for you in order to help you know each choice well. If you need other options, you can ask us and we will try our best to meet your requirements.



Making lanyards should use different materials, which included Nylon Material and Polyester Lanyards.

● If you have limited budgets and have demands for your custom made lanyards, you can select Polyester lanyards. GS-JJ can provide low price lanyards for you with the best design. 

● If you have high demands for your lanyards’ quality, please move to the Nylon lanyards. Nylon lanyards have a smooth and delicate appearance and they are comfortable to wear. 

You can know more information about " the differences between the Nylon lanyards and Polyester lanyards ". This article will help you to choose the right lanyards suits you. 

Polyester materialNylon material
Polyester MaterialNylon Material

Printing Processes

Printing Processes

Printing Process is the main part of making a lanyard. Hence, how to choose the right one for your personalized lanyards is vital for you. Silkscreen printing, dye sublimation, and woven printing can be used to create various lanyards, like dye sublimated lanyards and woven lanyards. 

●  The Silkscreen printing process is supplied to print simple graphics like texts and logos on your polyester lanyards or other types of lanyards. These graphics are attached on the surface of the personalized lanyards stable after repeated friction.

● Dye sublimation is an advanced printing process to print colorful and complex designs on your lanyards. All dye sublimated lanyards have included several color dyes and beautiful pictures. You can feel a smooth surface when you touched the dye sublimated lanyards.

● Woven lanyards used woven technology, which is used the threads woven into the polyester material. Only the simple words or sentences allow printing by using this technology. 

You can read " the Difference of Silkscreen Printing and Dye-sublimated Printing Technology ". We promise you will have a detailed understanding of these printing processes. 

Silkscreen PrintingDye SublimationWoven Printing
Silkscreen Printing
Dye SublimationWoven Printing



The lanyards sizes involved the width and length of the lanyards. Normally, the width of lanyards is 1/2, 5/8, 3/4, and 1 inch. The length is 34, 36, and 40 inches. How to choose the width and length of the lanyards? LET’S SEE THEM. 

● The width of one inch is the best size for a little child or old man. One inch width cannot create pressure for their necks, which also can protect them better. 

● The widths of 1/2, 3/4, and 5/8 are suitable for young generations. The polyester or nylon material is comfortable for your neck. GS-JJ can provide customized sizes according to your needs.

● The length of the lanyards is selected by your height. If you are taller than other people, you can choose the 40 inches length. If you are a little child, you can choose the 34 inches length. 

Please remember that we can offer the customization service for your lanyards. All lanyards with different sizes can be designed at GS-JJ.com. 

Size One
Size TwoSize ThreeSize Four

Imprint Ways

Imprint Ways

The imprint ways of the custom made lanyards can confirm your target audience. The single imprint way is suitable for making promotions in small places. A two-sided imprint way is the best way to make advertisement to the public. Also, the design of the two sides of lanyards can be different from each other. Please contact us to talk about the customization system. But firstly, you can get more information from "How to use the system of customize lanyards ".

Single Printing
Two-sided Printing
Single PrintingTwo-sided Printing

Attachment  / Hook

Attachment / Hook

Attachments, as the basic section of lanyards, can be used to fix all your objects, such as cellphones, keys, and ID badges.The lanyards attachments are crafted from Metal or Plastic Material. You can choose one of them by your budgets. If you have used our customization system, you will see more than eight different attachments can be attached to your lanyards. These Cell Phone lanyards or key lanyards have their own suitable attachments. We will introduce all of them to you.

Metal Bulldog Clip: Keep the ID badges facing forward; Suitable for holding your cards that have a hole punched on the card’s top.

Metal J-Hook: Shape like “J”; Easy to open; Swivel of attachment allows your items to be rotated 360-degree.

Metal Key Ring: Circular shape like a ring; Hold on a set of keys; Perfect choice if the lanyards will be used for keys.

Metal Lobster Claw: Looks like a crustacean’s hand; High resistance values; Hang all kinds of items on the lanyards.

Cellphone Loop: Use one side of the cord slip into your phone or phone case; Perfect choice for holding on your cellphones. 

Metal Swivel Hook: Shaped with a rounded and D-shaped swivel head; Use with fashion bag and marine device. 

Metal Oval Hook: Oval shape and classic designed hook; Durable quality and rust-resistant; Press the one side of the attachment, and then put the items in it.

Metal Slide Hook: A heavy-duty and semi-square swivel head; Shape like a lower case letter of “q”.

Snap Swivel Hook: Include an inch rectangle swivel ring, a lobster claw snap hook, and flat rope; Easy to open; Hold on small items like ID badges 

Water Bottle Straps: Made by Plastic material; A round hole where the water bottle placed; Best option to hold on your water bottle.

Welcome to visit the article " Something about lanyards accessories you should know ", you will have a further understanding of these lanyards attachments.

Metal Bulldog Clip
Metal J-HookMetal Key RingMetal Lobster ClawCellphone Loop
Metal Bulldog ClipMetal J-HookMetal Key RingMetal Lobster ClawCellphone Loop
Metal Swivel HookMetal Oval HookMetal Slide HookSnap Swivel Hook

Water Bottle Straps

Metal Swivel HookMetal Oval HookMetal Slide HookSnap Swivel HookWater Bottle Straps

Safety Breakaways

Safety Breakaways

A safety breakaway is an additional attachment for a lanyard. Add the safety breakaway can protect the wearers. especially in a dangerous or complicated environment. Breakaway lanyards will add more attractive points for your company when you make promotion.

● Plastic Buckle: Also called buckle release; Side squeeze buckle for easy detachment; open it and depart it into two parts.

● Plastic Safety Breakaway: Pull apart when tugged and snagged; Hidden around the back of the wearer’s neck.

● Velcro Breakaway: An industrial safety objects; you can just tear it off by our hands; Include mated reclosable fastener and aggressive adhesive.

Any problems with these breakaways can be solved by GS-JJ workers. We hope all of the people can chat with us directly and have further business in the future. 

Plastic BucklePlastic Safety BreakawayVelcro Breakaway
Plastic BucklePlastic Safety BreakawayVelcro Breakaway