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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Custom Wristbands Options

No matter what products we want to buy, there are always many choices dazzled us that make us don’t know how to select accordingly. So do silicone wristbands!

Here we list all common options for you in order to help you understand your own needs. Any other questions we don’t list, you can contact with us directly, and our service team will give you fast answers.



Custom silicone wristbands have multiple types and styles, some simple, some slightly complex, and some special custom, whatever you want, GS-JJ can offer you perfect custom wristbands. Wristbands with simple styles are quicker to get, and also cheaper than others. 

And the most basic style is the blank one, we can provide a variety of color options:

• Single-color, if you want your bracelets simple in color, blank wristbands with a single color will be your perfect choice.

Swirled and segmented color; if you are fond of something colorful, these two kinds of silicone wristbands with multiple colors will meet your needs.

• Layered color.

• Dual-layer color.

If you have more creative ideas in color, let us know freely. 

Single color wristbandSwirled color wristbandSegmented color wristband Layered Color WristbandDual layer color wristband

Single Color

Swirled Color

Segmented Color

Layered Color

Dual Layer Color




We know wristbands can be more crafted and attractive. Different crafts can make your plain silicone wristbands outstanding and get a different visual sense. Here we have three kinds of crafts recommended.

• Screen-printed or printed process

• Debossed process, the contents on wristbands are sunken and can be filled with various colors

• Embossed process, the contents on wristbands are raised and can be painted with various colors

• Color-filled or color-injected process, most suitable for the embossed and debossed wristbands.

Printed WristbandsDebossed WristbandsEmbossed wristbandsColored Wristbands

Printed Wristbands

Debossed Wristbands

Embossed Wristbands

Colored Wristbands




In general, we make wristbands according to customers’ needs, so we can offer all kinds of special sizes for you. But here we have a regular size form offered for your reference, and if you have special demands, contact us!

• Regular Sizes:• Special Sizes:

1. Adult - 8.00×0.50×0.10 Inches 

2. Youth- 7.00×0.50×0.10 Inche

3. Children - 6.00× 0.50×0.10 Inches

1. Widened width-8.00x1.00x0.1 inches

2. Fine width- 8.00x0.25x0.10 inches

regular wristbandsWide WristbandsFine Wristbands

Regular Wristbands

Wide Wristbands

Fine Wristbands


Special Options

Special Options

There are some other special options provided for you.

• Add luminous powder which makes your wristbands glow in the dark;

• Add special shape that makes your wristbands more attractive and vivid.

Other custom elements can be added freely

Luminous Wristbands

Figured Wristbands

Luminous WristbandsFigured Wristbands 




When you buy silicone bracelets, are there any packaging requirements? We can offer various kinds of packing.

Different packages cost differently. Custom wristbands are usually packed by a plastic bag, alone or 5pcs/ bag. 

If you have another requirement in the package, please tell us and we can offer you accordingly, and we will evaluate the extra fee about the packing accordingly.

plastic bagplastic boxcustom boxtrayspaper box

 plastic bag 

plastic  box

    custom  box


paper  box