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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Custom Patches Options

Custom made patches are used all over as a way of promoting and imparting recognition on the logos and identity. whether you own a personal club, a school, a company or want to improve your brand in the business days and occasions.Customized embroidered patches just the way to do it. Custom Patches including sizes, colors, border, and backing. How to choose them? Our Professional sales will provide good advice for you.

Size of Custom Patches

How to determine patch size?

They are different sizes and shapes for custom patches, Deciding which border option you would like on your custom patches is a very important decision. this decision is vital to your custom patches'  appearance. We have extensive experience to provide patches of any size you need! Do you know how to Determining the size of patches? it's very easy. You can calculate the size of your patch by adding the Length + Width and divide that number by 2.

patch size

If the height of your patch is 3″ and the width is 2″, you would add 3+2 , which equals 5. You then divide 5 by 2, which equals 2.5, The size of your 3″ x 2″ patch would be 2.5".

Border of Custom Patches

There are 3 border options we offer. each border gives an embroidered patches a distinct look. it is very important to know which border option looks best on which type of custom made patches. want our customers to feel knowledgeable and confident about the border options they choose. so I am going to go over our border options and explain their differences in appearance and which border is best used for the type of custom patches. we offer 3 special border options. there is a border option for any custom patches.

merrowed border.jpg

Merrowed Border

Merrowed also called overlock sewing. the edging can provide a wonderful choice for your custom embroidered patches.

heat cut border.jpg

Heat Cut Border

Heat Cut borer can add fine details to your patch. it is the simplest and most commonly used border for customers.

laser cut border

Laser Cut Border

if your patches is complicated. we recommend that you use laser cut bored. they will let your embroidered patches look nicer.

Backing Options

We offer velcro backing, Plastic backing, Iron on backing and adhesive backing for your choose. different backing have different special uses.our designers will give you very professional advice for which backing suit for you. Do you know How to Choose the Right Backing for Your Custom Patches?

Iron On Backing

Iron on patches

if you don't want to sew patches on your clothes. you can choose our iron on backing. iron on backing,the advantage is a quick paste for iron on backing. we do not recommend using iron on backing patches on towels, leather.   

 Velcro Backing.jpg

Velcro Backing

The advantage of velcro is that you can remove the velcro backing patches from your clothes at any time. it's very convenient.As usual, the police the army will use velcro patches.

plastic backing

Plastic Backing

The advantage of plastic backing is they can keep their shape after they are used frequently. Because the patches is filled with a hard plastic liner. Plastic backing is the best choice if you want  your patches keep their shape.

adhesive backing

Adhesive Backing

The advantage of adhesive backing  is easy removable. It's the best choice if you need a quick options for a customer. the process of adhesvie backing is very easy.but adhesive backing not suitable for reuse.

Other Options

Metal Thread

Metal thread

We also provide a metal thread  for you to choose.the metal wire will make your embroidered patches look more upscale.Pls view more colors for our color chart.

Button Loop

Button Loop

You can add button loop if you want to your custom embroidered patches to hang.