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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Privacy Policy

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Custom PVC Patches Options

When you order your custom PVC patches by using ourAUTOMATED QUOTATION SYSTEM, you must be puzzled with some options. GS-JJ lists all standard options for you in order to help you know each choice well. If you need other options, you can ask us and we will try our best to meet your requirements.

Color Design for Custom PVC Patches

In life, many customers do not have a proper grasp of the amount of color of PVC patches. Improper quantity selection will make your custom PVC patches too complicated and make the information it conveys too vague. Appropriate colors can be the icing on the cake of good-looking custom PVC patches, so controlling the number of colors can help custom PVC patches be used more accurately and convey information more clearly.

● If you need to make LOGO PVC Patches or Other PVC Patches That Need to Highlight Text, then 1-3 colors are more suitable for you. The simple color structure can make your information clearer.

● If you need to formulate Military PVC Patches, it is recommended to choose 4-9 colors. Multiple colors can add color to your custom military PVC Patches without being too fancy. Make military products bright and solemn.

If you need Decorative PVC Patches, 7-12 colors are OK. A full range of colors can make your custom PVC patches richer and beautiful.


   1-3 Colors

4-6 Colors

7-9 Colors10-12 Colors
1-3 Colors 4-6 Colors 7-9 Colors 10-12 Colors 

2D or 3D Options

Many customers do not quite understand the difference between 2D PVC Patches and 3D PVC Patches, because traditionally, many products distinguish between 2D and 3D by checking whether there are raised parts on the surface of the object. If there is a raised part, it is 3D, if there is no, it is 2D. For PVC patches, both 2D and 3D PVC patches can be raised on the surface of the object, so we should not identify them in the traditional sense.

To distinguish between 2D and 3D PVC Patches, we should check whether the product contains a curved surface or touch the product to feel whether the same protruding part is flat. As long as a part of the product in 3D, the entire product belongs to 3D PVC Patches, otherwise, it is 2D PVC Patches.

●  If you have no requirements for 2D or 3D and want to save costs, then flat 2D PVC Patches are perfect for you.

● If you need custom PVC patches to be fuller and more solid, we recommend 3D, which will make your product more vivid.

You can know more information on ''How to Distinguish Between 2D PVC Patches and 3D PVC Patches?'', which will help you to have a comprehensive understanding of 2D and 3D PVC patches.

2D PVC Patches

3D PVC Patches

 2D PVC Patches3D PVC Patches

PVC Patches Attachments

The difference in Attachments changes the nature of PVC Patches. Understanding different PVC Patches Backing will help you choose the corresponding attachments more correctly.

● If you want your custom PVC patches to be used repeatedly and to decorate different outfits, then custom PVC Velcro patches are perfect for you.

● If you already have products with Velcro Hook Backing, you only need to choose PVC Loop patches, which can save your costs relatively than choose PVC velcro Patches.

● If you already have products with Velcro Loop Backing, you only need to choose PVC Hook patches. The extra fee is the same as PVC Loop patches.

● If you like easy-to-use custom PVC Patches, Adhesive Backing is the best choice. Just Peel off the mucosa and stick to the product is ok.

● If you have no specific needs for the above, you can choose No Backing PVC patches, which is the option that can save the most money.

Look at the GS-JJ Blog  ''Three Types of PVC Patches''and you will understand more knowledge.

Velcro Hook Backing with LoopVelcro Loop BackingVelcro Hook Backing
Velcro Hook Backing with LoopVelcro Loop BackingVelcro Hook Backing 

No BackingAdhesive Backing
No BackingAdhesive Backing

PVC Magnets Attachments

GS-JJ can make many types of PVC magnets Attachments to meet your various needs.

● If you need light, soft, foldable PVC magnets, and want to save your costs to some extent, Soft PVC Magnets will be the best of the three.

● If you want to choose durable custom PVC magnets and you don't want it to leave scratches on your objects, Please choose Embedded PVC Magnets.

● If you want to focus on the strength of the magnet, then choose Exposed PVC Magnets. Its magnetic field strength is the strongest of the three.

Soft PVC MagnetsEmbedded PVC Magnets

Exposed PVC Magnets

Soft PVC MagnetsEmbedded PVC MagnetsExposed PVC Magnets

PVC Luggage Tag Attachments

The luggage tag is the best companion for the baggage. Choosing a luggage tag accessory that matches your personality can also add points to the luggage as a whole, making it a more pleasant experience for your journey. Each custom PVC Luggage Tags of GS-JJ comes with an attachment for free. The specific type of matching Attachment is determined by the type of soft PVC luggage tags. So GS-JJ's soft PVC luggage tags is a very diverse fashion product.

If you have your favorite Soft PVC Luggage Tags Attachments but it does not appear below, please contact customer service via GS-JJ email " " for more.

IntegratedRubber TypeRope
Belt TypeIntegratedRubber TypeRope

PVC Dog Tags Attachments

Many people like pets because animals are human best friends and they are considered one of the family members. But pets are often lost. Making PVC dog tags is a great way for passers-by to help lost pets find their way home, and also for owners to better identify their pets. Accessories are an important part of connecting the collar with PVC Dog Tags. Choosing a suitable PVC dog tags accessory can make the overall appearance more beautiful and make pets more comfortable to wear.

GS-JJ can provide comprehensive PVC dog tags accessories. Each custom PVC dog tags will be provided with the corresponding free accessories. If you have special needs, please contact GS-JJ  " " via email.

Steel O-Rings Ring Key ChainBall ChainElastic Rope Lobster ClaspRope
Steel O-Rings Ring Key ChainBall ChainElastic Rope Lobster ClaspRope

PVC Keychains Attachments

There are many types of key chains. The following three are the more common keychains in life. GS-JJ's free key accessories are mainly in the previous two types. If you want to choose more types of accessories or have specific types of PVC Keychains accessories, please tell GS-JJ " ".


Look at the GS-JJ Blog  ''Four Kinds of Keychain Attachments''and you will understand more knowledge.

Ring Key ChainLobster KeychainCarabiner
Ring Key ChainLobster KeychainCarabiner

PVC Lapel Pins Attachments

The attachments of PVC lapel pins are almost the same as Lapel Pins. GS-JJ can provide a military clutch for free. If you need to replace it to other types,  contacting GS-JJ directly, some additional costs need be paid, please contact customer service for specific costs.

Military Clutch (butterfly clutch): Used for PVC label pins smaller than 1.5 inches. It is one of the popular Pins accessories, very clean and safe.

Rubber Clutch (rubber cap): Used for PVC label pins smaller than 1.5 inches. It is very safe to use without worrying about bruising the skin and it is also more economical.

Deluxe Clutch: Used for PVC label pins less than 1.5 inches. It can be locked to clothing and is very stable and secure.

Safety Pin: most commonly used and most traditional. With safety lock.

 Military ClutchRubber ClutchDeluxe ClutchSafety Pin
 Military ClutchRubber ClutchDeluxe ClutchSafety Pin

PVC Zipper Pulls Attachments

PVC zipper pull attachment is easily overlooked. However, the trendy people pay great attention to every detail of the clothing. A good-looking PVC Zipper Pulls must have a corresponding attachment to set off so that the clothing will be more eye-catching. GS-JJ will help you design attachment that matches with each PVC Zipper Pulls for you without any extra cost.

If you have strict requirements for clothes and have your ideas, you can tell GS-JJ. The type of attachments specified by the customer may incur additional charges.

ConnectedPush ClaspRope
ConnectedPush ClaspRope