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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Privacy Policy

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Custom Medals Options

When you order your custom medals by using our AUTOMATED QUOTATION SYSTEM or ONILINE DESIGNER SYSTEM, you must be puzzled with some options. GS-JJ lists all standard options for you in order to help you know each choice well. What should you foucus when ordering your custom medals?  If you need other options, you can ask us and we will try our best to meet your requirements.

Plating or Dyeing of Custom Medals

Different Plating is suitable for different customized medals. Plating presents the metal color. Choosing plating (take challenge coins as an example) is also a learned skill. 

● If you want your custom medals to be classic and vintage, antique finish must be suitable for you.  GS-JJ provides antique gold, antique silver, antique brass, and antique copper for you.

● If you want your custom made medals to be shiny and attract people's eyes, shiny finish will be your first choice. GS-JJ provides shiny gold, shiny silver, shiny brass, shiny copper, and black nickel for you. 

● If you just want your part of personalized medals to stand out, two tone finish could be considered. The dual plating will have clear sharp. 

● If you don't like plating, dyeing craft is also a good option. Dye black is a very common and popular selection. Dye purple, dye pink, and other dye colors can be used.

If you will be puzzled with some twin color, you can look at the guidance of "TWINS COLOR" . If you still have any questions about plating or dyeing, you can email at for more information.

Antique Gold
Antique SilverAntique CopperAntique BrassTwo Tone Finish
Antique GoldAntique SilverAntique CopperAntique BrassTwo Tone Finish
Shiny GoldShiny SilverShiny CopperBlack NickelDye Black
Shiny GoldShiny SilverShiny CopperBlack NickelDye Black

Loop of Medals

Different Loops has various feature.  How to choose the  Loop of Medals? This is also a skill.

● Loop A: this is an oval loop. They will make your medals look like a round. Your medals will be a little bit "cute".They will use rings to link ribbon. 

● Loop B: this loop looks like "Pyramid". Your customized medals will be three-dimensional. They often use rings as a fixed lever. 

● Loop C: this is a rectangle loop. they usually joint ribbon directly without rings. Very simple. They are suitable for some heavy medals to keep balance. 

If you want to have a comprehensive understanding loop, you can get what you want at " How to make your custom medals more exquisite?  "

Loop A of Custom Medals
Loop B of Custom MedalsLoop C of Custom Medals

Loop A of Medals

Loop B of Medals

Loop C of Medals


There are four packages for you to choose. Package will not only protect your custom made medals but also show your personalized medals. So, how to choose?

● PVC pouch : A free and standard package. If you order many quantities and won't make them be showed, PVC Pouch will be wonderful and will help you save your budget.

● Plastic Box: This is a plastic box. Your quality medals will be placed at the box and waterproof. The price is $1.0.

●  Velour Pouch: This is a leather bag. Very soft! The price is $0.6.

● Velour Box: A noble box with soft leather. When you open it, your medals will be showed perfectly like diamond. The price is $2.5.

You can know more details at " How to make your custom medals more exquisite? ". If you want to get other packages, GS-JJ will try to do it.

PVC Pouch
Plastic BoxVelour PouchVelour Box
PVC PouchPlastic BoxVelour PouchVelour Box

Glitter Powder Options

Glitter powder is to make your medals look like unique and delicate. Choosing the right amount of  glitter powder is important. GS-JJ offers many glitter powder. If you have any needs, you can place an order with glitter powder. Different amount of glitter powder has different prices. If you would like to get some more specific information, the blog -" A Glittering Blog- the Pins Celebration of Glitter!  "( set lapel pins as an example) will give a comprehensive explanation.

No Glitter PowderOne Glitter PowderTwo Glitter PowderThree Glitter Powder

No Glitter Powder

One Glitter Powder

Two Glitter Powder

Three Glitter Powder

Custom Ribbons

GS-JJ offers you different ribbons with different colors or sizes. In general, the ribbon can be classified into two materials- Nylon Ribbon and Dye-sublimated Ribbon. Different size with different ribbons has different price.

Nylon Ribbon: it is high quality lanyard. The price is a little expensive. They are suitable for long-term preservation.

Dye-sublimated Ribbon: it is very smooth but poor breathability. They are colorful designs without more restrictions.

If you want to know more, enjoy the blog -" HOW TO CHOOSE RIBBONS ". GS-JJ knows some military medals will be worn on the chest or fiesta medals on the hats, we prepare the safety pins for you, which will solve your worries. 

Nylon Ribbons
Dye Sublimated Ribbons
Nylon RibbonsDye Sublimated Ribbons


Some buyers will pursue and focus on the back =side of medals, because they want to add some logo or else in the back or want to make medals more eye-catching. You can know more information at " different back effect of custom medals  ", and then make your decision.

Standard Back
Laser EngravingDeep Engraving with Color Filled

Standard Back

Laser Engraving

Deep Engraving with Color Filled